For Halloween, the Simpsons pays homage to the Death Note manga

In a new special Halloween episode, the American animated series The Simpsonss parody japanese anime Death Note. The final episode of “Treehouse of Horror” airs Sunday, October 30.

Every year since 1990, the famous sitcom has offered a special Halloween event to its fans. Called “Treehouse of Horror”, the three special episodes have a habit of parodying famous stories of science fictionhorror and fantasy of popular culture (The Twilight Zone, The Shining, I Know What You Did Last Summer…). This year, the first episode will be devoted to Death Note. (The other two being dedicated to The Babadook and Westworld)) The simpsons family will be seen then transformed into characters from the famous manga Japanese written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

The Simpsons goes manga mode

The episode trailer shows us Lisa taking on the role of main character Light Yagami, a teenager who discovers a mysterious notebook, the Death Note. Located in a city dystopian mired in the pollution, we hear Lisa expressing her frustration at the surrounding disorder by declaring: “The human race is 20 cow farts from total extinction and we deserve it. The question everyone is asking: what will Lisa do with her new power? Indeed, in the original manga, the notebook belongs to the supernatural spirit Ryuk – played by Bart in the episode. The latter gives its holder the possibility of killing anyone whose name is written in its pages…

Matt Selman, Executive Producer of the series The Simpsonsrevealed as part of a podcast with Four Discount that the animation studio DR Movie (South Korea) would contribute to the creation of the episode of Death Note. “It’s a real anime,” he explained, “produced by a fantastic animation studio called DR Movie, who transformed the universe of The Simpsons in the style of Death Note. »

This isn’t the first time the series has dabbled in the world of Japanese animation. In 2014, the Halloween episode featured versions of the characters Attack on Titan, naruto, Pokemon, Bleach, One Piece or Spirited away. The series has also previously parodied Godzilla and Pokemon Go