Gabi and Falco, from Attack on Titan, were inspired by two well-known characters from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad

Attack the titans” introduced with Gaby to a character tremendously controversial that MANY came to hate at the time… although I found it very interesting from the first moment, especially because I think it showed how over the years we had forgotten about the Eren from the beginning of all anime. Beyond Gabi, other key figures such as Falco also appeared, and now we finally have ‘the origins’ of both characters.

Attack on Titan has very curious origins for Gabi and Falco

Has been Hajime Isayama himself that, with his appearance at the event of AnimeNYC 2022has revealed what other fictional characters he based mostly to shape Gabi and Falco (via @animetv_jp):

  • The characters of Gabi and Falco were inspired by the figures of two well-known characters that one can find in the popular Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad shows. ✔️
The two great inspirations for Gabi and Falco from Attack on Titan
  • On the side of GabyIsayama-sensei explains that he paid a lot of attention to Arya Stark to shape this revolutionary warrior. And yes, one can perfectly appreciate the grit and tenacity of someone who fights with everything he has despite being, a priori, at a constant disadvantage compared to the forces he is facing. ❗
  • With Falco, one has to go until Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. To be honest, you are going to forgive me here because I must be one of the remaining 5% of humanity that has not seen Breaking Bad, but come on, those of you who have seen the series and the anime understand that you will end up finding enough parallels enough to appreciate what Isayama-sensei has done here. ❗

Well, if these words from the author of “Attack on Titan” confirm anything, it is that, like so many other creators of manga stories, this one really is a lover of series and television. Inevitably I have to think about Akira Toriyama, who was massively influenced by the figure of Jackie Chan and his action-comedy movies when he started creating “Dragon Ball.” In the end, if one finds X or Y similar, it is not so strange that there was indeed some kind of influence.

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