Genos from One Punch-Man in Attack on Titan style is something you needed and didn’t know

It is always good news for the manga and anime universe when it appears a new story that brings novelty and freshness to the genre. Giant anime that have been around for decades always stand out, but there are others that, despite having less travel, have also harvested huge popularity in recent years. One of them is One Punch-Man, the franchise that focuses on adventures and misadventures of Saitama. Of course, even if he is the protagonist, his universe has a magnificent cast of characters full of charisma. One of them is his friend and ward Genos, which is usually the subject of many fan arts, like this unpublished one that we show below.

This drawing is work by reddit user davidfueleki, who does very little also delighted us with the titanized form of Itachi Uchiha in another of his drawings. In this case, we can see in this ink portrait many of the characteristic features of Genos, like the shape of her blond hair and her cybernetic eye. On the other hand, we find the references to Attack on Titan in the features of his face that represent him as a titan, such as the fleshy shape of the weapon in his mouth, the unmistakable teeth with many more mouthparts than humans, and various holes between the muscle tissues that allow it to dissipate heat of their systems, in reference to the characteristic power of the Colossal Titan.

Every One Punch-Man fan knows who Genos is. This cyborg, though parody of the classic serious heroes with tragic past and sometimes it goes from intense, has the affection of many followers for its complete absence of evil and its hard-working mentality. In fact, witnessing Saitama’s inordinate power was what motivated him to ask to be his disciple. He always addresses Saitama as ‘teacher’, although We are not so clear if he would do it in the same way with that titanic appearance.