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Gif: Baked coins 3 and a half / Bilibili / Kotaku

Like other fantasy-themed live service games such as Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online, Genshin Impact has a highly customizable housing system. With it, players can craft furniture using materials they’ve gathered, they can grow flowers to use in potions, and they can even create small rock gardens in the generous space the game offers. I love playing with the elaborate furniture sets, but I don’t think much of the rocks. A Chinese content creator may have thought too much about the rocks, but the results of his obsession are incredible. They built huge dinosaur sculptures and uploaded the videos.

This spring, Genshin Impact’s version 1.5 update added a sturdy case system to the game. Upon entering a magical teapot called Serenitea, players could customize their personal subspace with various furniture, trees, and animals. The user of the video sharing site Bilibili “Roasted Coins Selling For Three and Half” (烤 硬币 3 块 半) took advantage of a special clipping problem to assemble their beautiful monstrosities. Looked:

Screenshot of a T-Rex sculpture made of rocks.

Tyrannosaurus RexCapture d’écran: 3 and a half / Bilibili

A rock sculpture of a Stegosaurus at Genshin Impact.

Capture d’écran du stégosaure: roasted coins 3 and a half / Bilibili

As a player who spends a lot of time in the housing system, I can say that these sculptures must have been deeply frustrating to build technically. The artist had to deal with a clipping problem that required him to wiggle an element until he allowed him to place it near another object. In addition, the rocks are timed. You can’t just source materials from the market like you might in Final Fantasy XIV. Acquiring the resources necessary for these creations takes a considerable amount of time.

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A screenshot of a dragon shaped sculpture made of rocks at Genshin Impact.

Azhdaha Capture d’écran: roasted coins 3 and a half / Bilibili

For example, there are at least ten orange crystals on this Genshin Azhdaha miniboss sculpture, and players can only purchase three per week. Which means Roasted Coins spent at least a month collecting materials to decorate their spiky armor. It is a real dedication to craftsmanship.

The videos showing the dinosaur sculptures are some of the most popular, but Roasted Coins also creates sculptures of fictional creatures such as the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Titan from Attack on Titan, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh. , and King Kong.

A screenshot of a blue eyed white dragon made from rocks at Genshin Impact

Dragon blanc aux yeux bleusCapture d’écran: roasted coins 3 and a half / Bilibili

A stone sculpture of Godzilla vs. King Kong in Genshin Impact.

Godzilla contre King KongCapture d’écran: Baked coins 3 and a half / Bilibili

But even a brilliant craftsman like Roasted Coins has its problems. They lamented on their Stegosaurus video: “miHoYo, can you make a symmetrical stone? While uneven rocks can be visually appealing when viewed from a distance, they are not the most ideal building materials for dinosaurs. Not that I can really tell, as the artist uses existing rocks so effectively. It took me a few seconds to notice that the lower jaw of the tyrannosaurus rex sculpture was actually a hot spring.

Of course, all of these carvings are only possible because the developers at Genshin actively decided not to fix the clipping problem. For the sake of creators like Roasted Coins, I hope this decision will be permanent.