Here are the mangas that Hajime Isayama warmly recommends (Attack on Titans)

Although he is about to bid farewell to his fans, Hajime Isayama hasn’t completely moved away from the manga universe. Recently, the mangaka made for his fans the list of manga he recommends to them for the year 2023.

A shonen, a seinen and an isekai

Since 2005, the Kono Manga ga Sugoi (“This manga is great!”) selection has been expected to detect manga that stand out. Indeed, with thousands of manga and anime to devour, it’s easy to miss out on a good story. On behalf of this year, Hajime Isayama took the opportunity to unveil three manga that caught his attention. They are Fungus & Iron, Issak, and Karate Survivor in Another World.

Some details on the recommendations

The first is a shonen which has already existed for a year, drawn and scripted by Ayaka Katayama. If you are fans of dark fantasy and science fiction, this manga will please you. It is centered on the life of Dante, a young man whose calm life is turned upside down by the appearance of Aoi in his life. For the moment, the manga has not yet been published in France.

As for the Issak manga, it is far from presenting us with a dystopian universe. It’s a manga that mixes fiction and facts around the Thirty Years War in Europe between Catholics and Protestants. It is written by Shinji Makari and drawn by DOUBLE-S since 2017. Issak the protagonist, takes part in the war alongside the Protestants. His goal: to avenge the death of his master.

Finally the last one is an isekai. Karate Survivor in Another World is quite particular in its genre. Returning to life, a martial arts master is confronted with the harsh reality of his new world. To survive, he has no choice but to use his punches to get by. The manga started serializing from 2021. It is written and drawn by Yazin and Takahito Kobayashi. Just like Fungus & Iron, Karate Survivor in Another World is not yet published in France.

After Attack on Titan for Isayama

More than a month for the last part of the final season of Attack on Titan make its way onto our small screens. What will happen to Eren and the Mahrs-Eldian coalition trying to stop him? Time will tell us. As for his future plans, Isayama said he doesn’t want to create a new manga anytime soon. The mangaka had already in the past expressed the wish to open spas. After dedicating 12 years of his life to the Attack on Titan, we can say that he fully deserves it.