How Hisoka would look from Hunter x Hunter in the style of Naruto, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and more

Thanks to the fanart the followers of anime and manga we have been able to imagine how our favorite characters would look with the art style of another cartoonist, such as Hisoka de Hunter x Hunter, to whom the artist @ animesketchart2020 imagined with el estilo de Bleach, Naruto, Attack on titan, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Studio Ghibli movies.

In addition to presenting Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter with the style of other series, the artist presented a of art original inspired by the oni masks of artist Ryden Oliver. “Sorry if some of them don’t look like anime art style”, Said the artist before sharing his creation, which honestly turned out to be quite good for him.

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Although Hisoka is one of the most popular characters in Hunter x Hunter, this clown psychopath is one of the worst villains, who has a sick obsession with the protagonist of the series, Gon Freecss. Because of this, the style that the artist used resembles that of villains from the other series.

Hisoka with the style of Naruto makes a reference to Kaguya Otsutsuki, while that of Bleach looks a lot like Aizen. The styles of One Piece and Demon Slayer seem taken from their respective series, while that of Attack on Titan has the style of Hajime Isayama but with a chilling air. Hisoka with the style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure makes all the sense in the world, but Hirohiko Araki’s style is not easy to replicate, while the one from Studio Ghibli alludes to the magician Howl.

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Although Hunter x Hunter fans are still waiting for Togashi to release new chapters to know what he is going to do Hisoka in the new story arc, in the meantime we can enjoy the fan art made by talented artists, like this reimagining of Hisoka.