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How to Draw Eren Titan

Eren Titan is one of the most popular characters in the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) anime series. If you want to make your own drawing of him, follow these steps and you will have an impressive result!

Step 1: Drawing the outline

To begin, draw the outer outline of the body. Pay close attention to the shape of its head, shoulders, and trunk. You’re going to need some light lines to refine it later.

Step 2: Feet, Hands and Face

Once you have the basic outline, draw Eren’s feet, hands, and face. You must pay attention to details, such as the shape of her eyes, mouth, and hair.

Step 3: Add small details

Now you can add some small details to make your drawing look authentic. These are some important parts that need to be drawn:

  • The armor: use straight lines to draw Eren’s armor.
  • The Rings: draw the unusual rings located on Eren’s chest.
  • Ribbon: adds the silver lead, made of a mysterious material.

Step 4: Finish the Drawing

After adding all these details, you can use finer lines and shadows to refine the drawing. Once you’re happy with the result, you’re done!

Now you have all the necessary steps to draw Eren Titan. Follow the instructions and create your own drawing of him. You will surely enjoy the result!

How to draw Eren Titan

Eren Titan is one of the main characters in the Attack on Titan anime series, which has captivated thousands of people around the world. Drawing it can be a bit tricky, however, by following the proper steps, anyone can successfully draw it.

1. Start with Eren’s basic form

It is important to start the drawing with the basic shape. This means that the circle is drawn to represent the head, the body in the form of a rectangle, the two arms and the legs. Then the specific details are added, such as the tail of the hair, the details of the face and etc.

2. Draw the outline of the body and details

Now that you have the shape, you begin to draw the outline that will define Eren’s figure. It should be noted that the contour must be precise to achieve the correct figure. Details are then added, this includes the outline to define the clothes Eren wears, the details of the face such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Add the fine details

Once you have the basic details of Eren’s figure, you can start adding the finer details. This includes facial details like facial hair, clothing details like embroidery and buttons, and hair details like curlers and capes. You can also add some shadow effects to give depth to the drawing.

4. Add the color

Once you have the finished drawing, now is the time to add color to them. Consideration must be given to which color tones to use to achieve the desired look. Generally, it is recommended to use dark colors for details and light colors for highlights. After that, the drawing will be ready.


Writing about how to draw a character as iconic as Eren Titan can be exciting. Some simple steps need to be followed to achieve Eren’s drawing. First, the base shape needs to be created, then the outline is added, the details are added, and finally the colors are put on. If these steps are followed patiently, you will soon see the result of a successful Eren Titan drawing.

How to Draw Eren Titan

Learn how to draw Eren Titan from the popular anime series Shingeki no Kyojin! The anime is known for its impressive titanic creatures, and as a fan of the series, you want to learn how to draw Eren!

Step 1: Design the Figure

Start with Eren’s main traits. He uses straight lines for his body shape, with slight curves around his shoulders and hips. She draws a curved line a little past the shoulders to show her graceful chest, increases the length of her arms and legs to show her curvaceous figure.

Step 2: Add the Detail

Now that you have the basics of the figure, add the detail! After finishing Eren’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth, you will surely want to add some details to make it even more realistic. For example, add some barrettes to his hair for the typical anime look, and don’t forget his weapons. You could add some buttons to his uniform for a final touch.

Step 3: Frame the Drawing

Well done! But before you finish, you should give your work the proper framework. This means adding black lines to the edges for dramatic contrast and also defining some details like hair or eyes.

Necessary materials

  • pencils for drawing – to make the initial sketch and add the final details
  • Eraser – to erase mistakes from pencils
  • A pen – to mark the edges and give the final finish to the lines

Follow these steps to create a professional looking Eren Titan drawing and enjoy!