How to watch Attack on Titan, the final part of season 2

After nearly a decade, the beloved Attack on Titan animated series is finally drawing to a close. Here’s everything you need to know to tune in to the final part of the show’s final season.

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga series exploded onto the scene as a full-fledged anime in 2013. The show became an instant hit, drawing fans around the world with its intense action, gorgeous animation, and sound. intriguing scenario.

Nine years and one more animation studio later, the show is finally about to end, bringing the saga of Eren Jaeger and his friends to an end.

Where to watch Attack on Titan, the final part of season 2

Fans can watch Part 2 of Attack on Titan’s final season at Crunchyroll’s anime streaming service, as well as Funimation and Hulu just after the episodes aired in Japan.

The first part of the final season of Attack on Titan aired in 2021.

However, those who wish to connect through Crunchyroll and Funimation will need a Prime subscription to watch episodes as they are released, or risk waiting an extra week (and encountering potential spoilers).

When is Attack on Titan, part two of the final season released?

The second part of the final season of Attack on Titan will go live Sunday January 9.

The anime is scheduled to air in Japan on NHK at 12:05 am JST (7 h 05 HNP / 10:05 AM EST).

Promotional image of Attack on Titan Ilse Notepad
Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / Comité de production ATTACK ON TITAN

Crunchyroll acquired all of the Attack on Titan OADs on their streaming service ahead of the release of Part 2 of the Final Season.

How many episodes are there in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2?

So far, studio MAPPA has not released an official episode list – but the SPY anime insider claims that unlike Part 1, Part 2 will only have 12 episodes.

Fans already know that Episode 1 of Part 2 is titled “Judgment” and will consist of a showdown between Eren Jaeger and the Armored Titan. According to SPY, Episode 2 is titled “Sneak Attack”.

This is far from the first time that Attack on Titan has divided its seasons; in particular, season 3 also included two parts broadcast respectively in 2018 and 2019.

Anime fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of one of the media’s biggest shows. Put on your ODM gear, folks – it’s sure to be one of the craziest anime seasons yet!