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Attack on Titan Finale Season Part 2 follows its broadcasts on weekends and it is less and less until the premiere of its last episode. However, a well-known insider is stating that this will not be the end of the story seen in the manga and rumors have already begun about a new production that would show the last moments of the plot.

Important news about Attack on Titan could arrive

As you surely know, last Sunday chapter 84 titled the night of the endso now, and according to official information, there are only 3 confirmed episodes left.

However, anime fans do not consider that these 3 episodes are enough to give the anime a good conclusion, a situation that could be true according to insider SPY, who assured that the anime will end in chapter 130 of the manga (from 139 in total).

Here you can see it:

As you could see, the insider would be confirming what many fans have thought in recent months: that the end of the fourth season would seek to give way to a possible OVA or movie.

In addition to this, which is still a simple rumour, we cannot forget that those responsible for Attack on Titan will have a panel at Anime Japan later this month (and before the broadcast of the last chapter of the series), so some surprises could be revealed.

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It only remains to wait to find out what will happen with the end of one of the most important anime of recent times.

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