Is the creator of Attack on Titan thinking about starting a new manga? Hajime Isayama answers a question that many fans have

Attack the titans” ended a little while ago, as long as one is not anime-only like me, otherwise you will know that in 2023 is when we will find the conclusion from an anime that started with WIT Studioand that in the end it will end by the hand of MAPPA. Obviously coming to this clear’end of cycle‘more than one wants to know if the creator of the franchise, Hajime Isayama, is thinking of working on a new workand this is something that the same author has dealt with at AnimeNYC 2022.

Hajime Isayama does not seem (for now) to be in a hurry to start a new manga after Attack on Titan

In a nutshell, this is what the author said of “Attack on Titan”, Hajime Isayama, about whether he is already working on a new manga or not (via @AniNewsAndFacts):

  • Isayama-sensei has confirmed that, currently, has no plans to start working on a new manga. ❌
  • This is important to understand well because it’s not that you intend to do it but haven’t gotten around to it yet, but that directly nor has he considered putting himself with it. Therefore, to republish a manga it is clear that the moment would still be quite far away. ❌
  • It must be remembered that, at the time, Isayama-sensei commented that when did attack on titan end I had the dream of opening a spa, so first of all creating something beyond the history of Eren and company has never been a priority for him. ❗
  • Likewise, it is not wrong to remember that he also declared that, if I were to do something beyond Attack on Titan, possibly his next job would have black humor as its central topic. That is to say, it does not seem that making a story like Attack on Titan again is in his immediate plans… or distant. ❗

I have to say that these statements do not surprise me too much because, once again, Hajime Isayama never really wanted to work on another manga after “Attack on Titan”.“. If it will happen at some point or not that is something difficult to know, everything can change, but at first it seems that the idea is still not to wait for a new manga from Isayama-sensei.

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