“KENNY!”: Youtuber hand-recreated Levi Ackerman’s memorable scene in “Attack on Titan” | TV and Show

Screenshot | MillkunTV


The youtuber MillkunTV, who is dedicated to making flipbooks of different animes, shared one based on the famous series of Attack on Titan, a feat that cost him 400 working hours since this style of animation it is done on paper.

The flipbook O flipbook is a technique that presents a series of images that, by quickly turning the pages, allows us to see how the drawings move.

1 minute on paper

The classic scene of Levi taking on Kenny Ackerman It is one of the most memorable parts of the third season of the Titans series. In the second episode of the third arc, Levi is ambushed by Kenny’s team, killing two of his soldiers, seconds later, Levi’s chase begins. The animated sequence looks like it was where the more money and effort was invested, since the quality in the anime is amazing.

It is specifically that moment that MillkunTV wanted to replicate on paper with the flipbook style, that is why it took almost 400 hours perform significant feat, time that was calculated thanks to a stopwatch that he left in view during the 8 minutes that the video is extended.

In the video we can see how the youtuber begins to pencil layer after layer of the scene, reaching a total of 400 sheets to recreate almost 1 minute of the official anime.

Screenshot | MillkunTV

Attack on titan is not the only work that MillkunTV has done, on its channel it has already shared flipbooks of famous scenes from Demon Slayer, jobs that also meant more than 300 hours of production.

Currently the video exceeded 5 and a half million views on YouTube and community feedback only points to one thing in common “It’s a spectacular job”.

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