Lège-Cap-Ferret: two elected officials leave the municipal council during a tense session

For the first time, the elected Anny Bey and Jeanne-Brigitte Reumond left the session prematurely, taking offense at not being heard. “It is unacceptable that a mayor can flout the rights of elected opposition women and citizens. Philippe de Gonneville wanted to gag us, take away our right to expression. It started by refusing the live broadcast of the city council for not being accountable. Today, Brigitte Reumond and I strongly condemn the anti-republican attitude of P. De Gonneville towards democratically elected women,” commented Anny Bey in a press release.

For his part, the mayor believes that most of the answers could have been given in committee to avoid disrupting the smooth running of the council meeting. Regarding retransmission, the majority consider that it is both costly and less and less followed.

“Economic social justice”

One file was particularly discussed during the session, that of the tariffs for temporary occupation permits (AOT) for all commercial activities on the peninsula. “Using a single criterion, namely the grip on the ground was unfair”, justified the mayor, “we sought economic social justice”. From now on, several criteria are taken into account for the tariffs, for more transparency.

The fixed lump sum meets four criteria. First, the type of activity: animation (250 euros); take-out food sales (400 euros); on-site or take-away food sales (1,000 euros); beach club (1,000 euros); non-motorized boating (500 euros); motorized boating with a possible secondary non-motorized boating activity (2,000 euros).

The second criterion is that of the operating period: seasonal, July-August (400 euros); 4 months (200 euros); per year (100 euros). The third criterion is geographical location: Lège (100 euros); Claouey (200 euros); Cap-Ferret (800 euros). Finally, fourth and last criterion, the area of ​​occupation of the public domain (10 euros per m² occupied). As regards the variable portion, this will represent 3% of the operator’s turnover for the year.

At first glance, it looks like a gas plant, but with a calculator in hand, everyone should be able to see more clearly.

Philippe de Gonneville, mayor of Lège-Cap-Ferret

Patrice Bouscarrut