LEGO Attack On Titan Kit Brings Warhammer’s Titan To Life

The world of LEGO hasn’t ventured into the anime medium often, but that hasn’t stopped fans from combining the building blocks with some of the greatest characters in the medium. With the last season of The attack of the Titans Currently rolling out new episodes that have shaken the playing field to an astronomical degree, one fan took the opportunity to imagine what the Warhammer Titan would look like if it received a LEGO makeover. Although Eren stole the power of the Warhammer, the hard-hitting member of the Nine made a return in a unique way.

The Warhammer Titan was one of the more mysterious members of the legendary Nine Titans, only appearing in the final season of the animated adaptation within the borders of Marley’s nation. With the power of the Warhammer remaining within the Tybur family, one of Marley’s most senior clans, young woman Lara Tybur secretly held the power. Although she was able to deliver some devastating blows to Eren in her Attack Titan form in the first half of last season, she was ultimately unable to defeat Jaeger and was instead killed in a rather preposterous fashion.

Instagram fan Dnog Mocs shared not only a new version of the Warhammer Titan, but also various other members of the Nine, all of whom had unique and deadly roles to play in the dark anime franchise’s fourth and final season. which was born from the brain of the creator. Hajime Isayama:

Eren was definitely able to put the Warhammer Titan’s power to good use after grotesquely absorbing its power using the Jaw Titan as a disturbing nutcracker, the member of the Nine not only able to create weapons, but also to unleash a torrent of spikes that could pierce almost any enemy. Of course, Eren no longer needs Warhammer skills given that he was able to gain the full power of the Founding Titan and unleashed the power of Rumbling upon war.

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