Levi’s Popcorn Bucket Causes a Sensation Among Attack on Titan Fans | Spaghetti Code

Do you remember that at Universal Studios Japan they released a certain “popcorn bucket” in the shape of Nezuko Kamado? The Japanese amusement park is the current host of a collaboration with Attack on Titan and it seems that they will repeat the popcorn formula now with a bucket inspired by our captain Levi Ackerman.

Mankind’s strongest soldier now has his own personalized bucket that can be yours for a price of 45 dollars (5570 yen). The shape of an armchair on which Levi is sitting is what allows you to store popcorn with -probably- Captain Ackerman’s favorite flavor: Black Tea.


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Again the sale of this special bucket of Attack on Titan is limited to one per personso visitors to the Universal Studio park in Japan soon made lines as long as the arms of a Titan just to have this exotic and curious souvenir of the series.

Definitely a bucket like this would be ideal to see the end of the anime, especially now that we have time to catch up; after all the third part of the end of Attack on Titan It won’t come to our screens until next year… and what better than receiving the series with Levi himself in person defending our snacks from the titans.

Would you like to have this Levi’s popcorn bucket from Attack on Titan?


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