Maestro presents the Arcas Compressor, Titan Boost and Agena Envelope Filter!

The new pedals from Maestro have the same chassis as the previous ones. The input and output Jack plugs, as well as the power plug, are placed on top. After some rather classic effects that we discovered last year, the brand is launching a collection of interesting new effects.

The Agena Envelope Filter is therefore an envelope filter. You can adjust its sensitivity and its response to the attack of the pick thanks to the Sense setting. The Attack setting determines how quickly the filter opens and the Decay setting adjusts the time it takes for the filter to close. A two-position switch (Hi and Lo) allows you to choose the frequency band. The Agena Envelope Filter is available for €189.

The next pedal we are going to look at is the Arcas Compressor Sustainer. As its name suggests, it is a compressor, here entirely analog. We find an architecture with three potentiometers, as on the other pedals of the brand, and of course a small switch with two positions. The settings are: Sustain, Attack and Level. Sustain adjusts the amount of gain applied during compression, Attack adjusts the time it takes for the compressor to engage, and Level adjusts the output level. The two-position switch allows you to switch between Lo and Hi modes, for a higher or lower level of compression. Count 179 € to add the Arcas to your Pedalboard.


Maestro has added a boost to its series of pedals, the Titan Boost. The latter has three settings labeled Tone, HPF and Level, in addition to the two-position switch that allows you to navigate between Hi Pass and Flat modes. The Tone control is a low pass filter and the HPF control is a high pass filter. The Level control adjusts the output volume and develops up to 25dB of gain. Finally, the two-position switch allows you to switch between two equalization modes: low-cut or neutral. The Titan Boost will save you €189.


For more info on these new pedals, go to Maestro.