Making fun on Twitter with the giant Santa Claus from Murcia: “Attack on the Titans Spanish version”

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and the Spanish cities already decorate their streets to set them for the occasion. However, the Christmas decorations proposed by some town halls seem not to everyone’s liking, something we already saw in Malaga and what is happening now Murcia.

A giant Santa Claus. The dissonant element this time is a huge Santa Claus leaning out of the roof of the historic Almudí Palace. The installation of this Santa Claus has generated a great debate among citizens, since some value originality and others find it disrespectful. Without going any further, the president of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo, has stated on his Facebook account that it is an “unspeakable aberration.”

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Charlotte Bisbe Mases

joke in networks

an unavoidable comparison. This episode has reached social networks where, beyond the debate between the detractors and defenders of the huge figure, most users have emphasized the similarity of Santa Claus with the titans that appear in the famous Japanese animated series shingeki no kyojin (Attack the titans). A fiction in which these enormous beings try to assault the walls that protect human beings.

It is in its last season.

One of the most emblematic frames of the series.

Other sources

vital tweet. There are several publications that point in the same direction, but one of the most viral has been a manual retweet by the Twitter user @hell_orawhich has made reference to one of the districts in the series.

top comments. “Attack on the Titans Spanish version”, comments a user. “That day Humanity received a sad reminder… The one that we lived in fear of the Titans…”, writes another referring to the introduction of the series. “Oh no. Titan Christmas has arrived,” replies a third. The memes about it could not be missing either.

As explained by local mediathe figure will remain until the end of the festivities and more will also be installed in places like La Glorieta or the Plaza Circular in order to “surprise the neighbors.”

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