MH Rise Sunbreak: Light Bowgun and Dual Blades bring up the rear

It’s far from over, but we now know of at least one new ability for every weapon in Sunbreak, which comes to Monster Hunter Rise on June 30. These new attacks will join the other existing interchangeable abilities. Some promise to be excellent, such as the Great Sword which gains a sort of powerful counter-attack, others are much less convincing, such as the slashing attack of the Bow.

Light Bowgun: Counter Wyvern

The light bowgun is already a popular and formidable weapon, as it combines long-range damage with great mobility. In the hands of a good hunter, survival is already not too much of a problem. A new tool is introduced in the same vein, with the Counter Wyvern, an emergency dodge that performs a backward dodge by unleashing a powerful shot. The monster that hoped to catch you may be doubly disappointed.

We can also see what appear to be two fire modes, Rifleman, which is probably the default mode we’re used to, and Critical Firepower mode which boosts fire, probably against a loss of mobility.

Dual Blades: Death Cyclone

Dual Blades adepts sometimes have attacks that look like they’re straight out of Attack on Titan, and in particular Levi’s fights. This is especially the case with this new ability, since it also uses wires with the spinneret. The hunter is propelled forward, and then unleashes a whirlwind of blades high up on the monster. A new ability, called the Slide Attack Combo is also seen in the video.

Action common to all weapons: Substitute talent transfer

As we remind each time, a new action is available with all weapons, the one that allows you to quickly change substitution talents. The latter, introduced with MHR, allow you to choose between different abilities for each weapon, which can greatly alter its gameplay. It can be a matter of personal preference, or which substitute talent is best suited for the monster you’re going to face. There are a few talents that are strictly superior to the others, but they are far from being the majority.

With the addition of new Substitution talents to Sunbreak, as well as more difficult hunts that will involve several different monsters in some cases, it would be frustrating to be limited to just a few talents. It will now be possible to create 2 personalized lists of talents, and to switch from one to the other with a simple keystroke in combat. This will allow you to adapt to the situation, even create even crazier combos in the hands of an expert hunter.