Mikasa dons a bunny suit in this sexy Attack on Titan cosplay – Senpai

Mikasa Ackerman would seem like the most serious and reserved girl in anime, however, that changes completely with him. sexy cosplay from Attack on Titan where a fan dresses the Paradis warrior with an iconic bunny suit.

Characters like Bulma, among many others, have been depicted with a bunny suitbecause being the iconic outfit of the Playboy girls since the sixties, it became something like a kind of “fetish”, and hence the anime waifus are constantly imagined with said bunny suit.

And although in Japanese animation the sexualization of the image of women is quite frequent, in the case of Attack on Titan it is quite the opposite, because in this series you will never see Mikasa, and not a girl in a mini skirt or in a schoolgirl outfit, much less in a bunny suit. For this reason this anime cosplay could attract the attention of many people, because completely changes the image of the young Ackerman.

Photo: Instagram – @akemi101xoxo

Some may not like this version of Mikasa, but we can’t deny that this fan of SNK has managed to create an incredible version bunny suit from the Paradis Armed Forces outfit that makes the Ackerman girl look pretty sexy and cool at the same time.

As you can see it is a black leather-like bodysuit combined with the leathers that tie the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. In the same way, it preserves the brown leather boots, and adds Mikasa’s haircut on the End Season, as well as the red scarf that Eren gave her. Of course, the bunny ears could not be missing and not to mention the iconic sword that has just given the touch to this characterization.

In the end the cosplay anime is also about this. To create new versions of the characters that we like that we might never get to see in the series, or in any other official way.

What do you think of this sexy cosplay by Mikasa in bunny suit?


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