Mikasa goes sexy and casual in this cool Attack on Titan cosplay – Senpai

Mikasa Ackerman is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime girls today, and without reaching the concept of waifu, she is rather a figure of strength and female empowerment that has captivated more than one person, although that does not mean that you can also show your sexy side as it happens in this cosplay from Attack on Titan where the eldiana dresses in a very casual style.

Mikasa has shown on too many occasions to be an extremely strong girl, although with some emotional ailments that have haunted her until the most recent episode of the anime. However, it is everything that makes up her character, which makes many and many of her completely in love with the Ackerman girl.

And although it is her personality that captivates the most, that does not take away from the fact that she is also an attractive woman, especially throughout the fourth season where she is a little older and changes her style and haircut, as represented by this girl in her sexy cosplay by Mikasa.

Photo: Instagram – @soryu_geggy_cosplay

As you can see, the Instagram cosplayer @soryu_geggy_cosplay gives us a pretty fresh version of the beloved Mikasa, where she wears very casual clothes but that doesn’t take away a single hair from the essence of the member of the Exploration Corps.

For example, the white pants are typical of the character’s first uniform in the series, while the green jacket is the same shade as the Legion’s cape. The black top helps give the sexy and quite sporty touch to this anime cosplayand of course the red scarf that Eren gave Mikasa could not be missing.

Finally, this girl wears a wig that recreates the short hair that Mikasa Ackerman wears in the End Season.

What did you think of this sexy and casual Mikasa cosplay?


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