Movies and series premiering on Prime Video in February: Venus, Attack on Titan, The Consultant and much more

We start a new month, and as such, the main streaming platforms begin to announce their upcoming news, including Prime Video.

As usual on these dates, the platform has announced all the news that it will incorporate into its catalog throughout the month of February 2023. You can take a look below.

Prime Video Premiere Movies and Series in February

  • Venus – February 2
  • Harlem 2 – February 2
  • A Samurai Hero: The Legend of Hank – February 3
  • Toppen – February 3
  • Operation Black Tide Season 2 – February 10
  • the infinite purge – February 13th
  • Attack the titans final season part 2 – february 15
  • Carnival Row Season Finale – February 17
  • The head of Joaquín Murrieta – February 17
  • Star Trek: Picard Season 3 – February 17
  • Time – February 17th
  • Marc Márquez: ALL IN – February 20
  • The Consultant – February 24
  • Dies, Hart – February 24
  • The Mountaineer – February 28

Among the news of Prime Video we highlight Venusthe horror film made by Jaume Balagueró that is part of The Fear Collection.

Starring Ester Expósito, the movie It is inspired by a story by HP Lovecraft and follows the story of Lucía, a disco dancer who steals a cache of pills and begins to be chased by gangsters, taking refuge in an apartment block with her sister Rocío and her niece Alba.

Once there, the three discover that malevolent supernatural forces possess the building, giving rise to a series of horrors that will haunt Lucia and company..

Between the series to highlight from Prime Video we find The consultanta production directed by Charlotte Brändström, Daniel Attias and Matt Shakman starring Christoph Waltz.

This engaging thriller revolves around Regus Patoff, a man who is hired as a consultant to improve the results of the video game app company CompWare.

When Patoff joins, immediately CompWare employees experience new demands and challenges that call into question everything, including their own lives.


Attack on Titan: The Last Battle – This is the great Shingeki no Kyojin board game

lovers of anime will be able to enjoy the Prime Video premieres of the second part of the final season of Attack the titansone of the series of the moment whose final outcome will come this year.

In this second batch of episodes we will see how Little by little, Eren Jaeger will begin to get out of the way and draw up his revenge plan against Marley so that both he and the rest of the inhabitants of Paradis Island can live in peace..

These are the movies and series that will premiere on Prime Video throughout the month of February 2023. Which of these premieres do you most want to see? Tell us about it in our comments section.