Netflix selection: the best of Japanese animation!

If you have Netflix for movies, exclusive series, or blockbusters, you might have missed a little-known aspect of the platform. A genre that the algorithm does not necessarily offer you: Japanese animation. Not only does Netflix offer plenty of new and old “anime”, but we will also discover content that the platform has financed itself. It must be said that if we had dragonball in 1986, the amerloques experienced quite a delay on this side. Ready for our selection?

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The best Japanese anime series and movies on Netflix

Tokyo Godfather

Directed by Satoshi Kon (originally Paprikamain influence of theInception by Nolan), Tokyo Godfather tells the story of three homeless people who find a baby in a trash can. In seeking to find the mother of the child, they will meet and experience adventures that will lead them to heal their own wounds. A terrific fable. Even if you don’t like Japanese animation, this is a must see.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the year 2000, the sea level rose following the Second Impact, a cataclysm supposedly caused by a meteorite. Humanity has survived despite 2 billion deaths, but 15 years later, giant and warlike creatures, the Angels, appear and try to destroy the new capital of Japan: Tokyo-3. To stop them, humanity can count on the EVA, robots piloted by teenagers. Who are these Angels? Why are they attacking Tokyo? Where does the power of EVAs come from? A quality 26-episode anime with two alternate endings as feature films (The End of Evangelion and Evangelion Death (True)² also available on the platform). Whether Dragon Ball Z marked the 90s, evangelion is the anime that marked the following decade.


Akira is a manga released in 6 volumes from 1984, but which later appeared with us in 13 colorized volumes. It was in 1993 that France became acquainted with the jewel of Katsuhiro Otomo when Canal+ broadcast the animated film based on the manga. Not easy to summarize in two hours a work-river where political intrigue and science fiction mingle in a cyber-punk universe. However, Akira is a very good complement to his paper version: as the manga was not finished when the film was made, Otomo had to improvise and this contributes to making this film a kind of “bis” version of the film. ‘story. We are not going to give you the pitch to keep you the pleasure of discovering this monument…

Attack on Titan

Without doubt the best series of recent years. Just the intro credits of the first season makes you want to invade Poland. In a dystopian universe resembling the 17th century, humanity is entrenched behind gigantic walls that aim to keep out the Titans, flesh-eating giants. Where do these Titans come from? Why are they attacking? What is the government hiding? Strangely, only the two parts of season 3 are currently available on the platform. To see the first two seasons and the two parts of the fourth, you will have to go through a VPN! Indeed on the Japanese Netflix there are absolutely all the episodes (pending the third part of the 4th season which should be released in 2023). For this, we advise you NordVPN at €3.49/month Where CyberGhost at €2.11/month (see our comparison). Needless to say, the Japanese version of Netflix offers tons of anime unknown to us…

Netflix selection the best of Japanese animation
With a Japanese IP, you will have all the episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin, but also the “live action” movie and the OAVs. All in French or in VOSTFR…

Detective Conan

Shinichi is a detective who solves puzzles and investigations. He looks like a 7-year-old boy, but he was actually poisoned by a secret organization that gave him that appearance. As his investigations progress, the young detective will glean clues about the people responsible for his condition. Detective Conan is one of the most prolific manga series with 101 volumes from 1994 to 2022 (still ongoing!). The animated series has 1038 episodes and 27 seasons, but on Netflix you will only find the first two. It’s a good start to see if we’re hooked or not, even if the animation of the years 96 and 97 may seem a bit old-fashioned… Since July 2022, we can also take advantage of the “spin off” Zero at Tea Time, much more recent. And as for Attack on Titanyou will find much more content on Detective Conan with a VPN.

Mobile Suit Gundam

For some time, Netflix has been putting the package on the saga Gundam by offering different series and animated films from the famous Japanese franchise. Famous ? And yes, if at home we know more Grendizer (Grendizer), Gundam is a colossus in the land of the rising sun. A space opera started in 1979 and often compared to Star Wars… Impossible to summarize 40 years of script, but if you want to put your foot in the universe, Netflix offers the first series of origin reissued in three films: Mobile Suit Gundam I, II, and III. If you are really allergic to old anime, we recommend the 2021 feature film made in collaboration with Netflix: Hathaway’s Shard.

All “Studio Ghibli”

Netflix offers almost all of Studio Ghibli’s animated films from 1984 to 2020. Masterpieces to watch alone or with the family. It’s missing The Grave of the Fireflies and The Red Turtlebut we have the choice between 21 films and even 22 counting Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind which predates the creation of the Japanese studio. Impossible to recommend one over another. Your servant has a weakness for pompoko, Princess Mononoke, The Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited awaybut as a family, we would prefer My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Kingdom of Cats Where Porco Rosso.

Honorable mentions

Impossible to talk about all the interesting anime on Netflix. Here are some more examples of great content that can be found on the platform:

  • Bakiof the WTF version of the fight
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventurefight with sequins
  • Berserkrather “dark” heroic fantasy
  • Demon Slayera guy with a saber who wants revenge
  • Tokyo Ghoula guy who drinks too much coffee

Netflix without Internet? You can download your episodes!

Want to watch an episode in your tent in the Dordogne? Do you want to have peace in a car full of kids? Do you want to see a film on the train, but you don’t have Internet? On Netflix, it is possible to record the programs in advance and enjoy them offline. We explain everything in this video…