New Attack on Titan poster has been released

The last season of Attack on Titan is scheduled for January 09, 2022. It will be the end of the anime which will have aroused unparalleled enthusiasm.


Recently, an illustration has appeared on the web, at the same time relaunching the debates on the anime. In particular, fans have made bets on which characters will survive the final season.

A little bit of fan service

What would an anime be without fan service! The Attack on Titan is no exception. It is on Twitter that the account Attack On Titan Wiki published the illustration. It features Eren, Reiner, Hansi and Livai in casual clothes that fans of the anime don’t know about. It’s a big change from the Exploration Battalion uniform and the titanic blood that sticks to them.

Little reminder on the latest events of the anime

Season 4 left us with several questions. Eren, in complicity with his brother Sieg, the Beast Titan, intends to activate the plan of “Soft Eradication” of the Eldian people. This plan is nothing more than a means to render the Eldian population sterile, thanks to the power of the original Titan. This, according to Sieg, would save the Eldians from having to reproduce and continue to suffer from Ymir’s curse (the ability for Eldians to transform into titans from generation to generation).

Eren, who seems to agree with his older brother, has built up supporters, the Jäegerists, within the army itself, causing total anarchy. The last episode of season 4, ends when the Mahr army, with Reiner, Peak and Porco, prepares to attack the Isle of Heaven in order to wrest the original Titan from Eren.

Expectations for this new season

Season 5 promises to be rich in fights between titans. Reiner’s Battleship Titan and Eren’s Assailant Titan have fought several times. It would be logical that we attend a last round between the old comrades who now devote a fierce hatred. It remains to be seen who will come out on top.

In addition, the triggering of the Grand Terrassement should be considered. Although Sieg just declares that he wants to euthanize his people, no one yet knows what is really going on in Eren’s head.

The other expectation is the record on the side of war victims. Attack on Titan got us used to seeing grim deaths every season. The final season should logically have, not thousands, but millions of victims. Until January 2022, viewers are content with the trailers broadcast by Studio MAPPA. Who will survive the final battle: the Eldians or the Mahrs?