News from November 1 to 7, 2021 – Ramen For Two

News from November 1 to 7, 2021

After the storm comes calm, the saying goes. In the release lists it is also usually fulfilled, especially after a fair like the 27 Manga Barcelona. This week the list of releases has only one novelty, a couple of endings, several numbers of series in progress and a well thought-out movie pack as a Christmas gift.

We start with one of the goodbyes, it is about Attack on Titan # 34 from Hajime Isayama, which goes on sale in a simple edition and another Special for € 12 of which already we speak here. This latest volume of one of the most successful works of the last decade says goodbye and Editorial Standard he wants me to say goodbye in style. Another farewell is the second and last volume of Dororon Enma-kun from Go Nagai, edited by Ooso Comics. The novelty of the week is about Ryuko from Eldo Yoshimizu edited Paper Heroes.

News from November 1 to 7 2021 Ramen For
Qualification: Ryuko
Original title: Ryuko
Author / s: Eldo Yoshimizu
Genders: suspense, thriller
Format: Cardboard stitched with thread, covered in full color. 15×21 cm
State: Completed (2 volume / s)
Spanish Publishing House: Paper Heroes
Japanese Publisher:
Ver ficha completa de Ryuko

Amid the chaos caused by a military coup, Ryuko, leader of a branch of the Yakuza in the Middle East, discovers that his mother, whom he believed to be dead, is still alive and has been kidnapped. Following her trail, Ryuko travels to the city of Yokohama. But the Chinese mafia and other organizations will cross his path.

As for the anime, the pack of Dragon Ball Z: The Movies in A4 edition collector Blu-ray Disc. The edition includes a case with 9 discs of 50 GB with the 18 movies and two TV specials of the two series in a restored edition, in High Definition 1080p and uncensored. It will also carry 48 page A4 size book, a collection of plates, 2 blades with illustrations, 18 classics visual cards and a shikishi exclusive.

The rest of the releases are listed below, ordered by publisher:

Paper heroes

  • Ryuko # 1 (Eldo Yoshimizu) – 19,95€
  • Ivrea

  • Darling in the Franxx #6 (Kentaro Yabuki, Code:000) – 8,50€
  • We Never Learn #14 (Taishi Tsutsui) – 8,00€
  • Ooso Comics

  • Dororon Enma-kun # 2 (Go Nagai) – 10,00€
  • Editorial Standard

  • Attack on Titan # 34 (Hajime Isayama) – 8,00€
  • Attack on Titan # 34 Special (Hajime Isayama) – 12,00€
  • Select Vision

    Finally, there is a table with all the covers of the news:

    Attack on Titan # 34
    Attack on Titan # 34 Special
    Darling in the Franxx #6
    Dororon Enma-kun # 2
    Ryuko # 1
    We Never Learn #14