Nora Fawn becomes Mikasa Ackerman with alternate Attack on Titan cosplay

Nora Fawn is a popular cosplayer who usually plays video game characters, anime and manga, as is customary in this scene. One of the cosplays that he gave us this year was that of Mikasa Ackerman, the most important and popular female character of Shingeki no Kyojin, also know as Attack on Titan. However, this version does not follow the original design, but rather proposes a alternate version by Nora Fawn herself.

Mikasa Ackerman She is the adoptive sister of Eren Jaeger, as well as one of the main protagonists. These brothers together with Armin Arlert are the main trio that moves the history of the manga, written and drawn by Hajime Isayama. Nora Fawn paid tribute to the play with her cosplay by Mikasa Ackerman, albeit without the iconic red scarf that accompanies her for most of the series.

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The first time Nora Fawn shared a look at her Mikasa Ackerman cosplay It was through a TikTok, which he shared through his Twitter account. In the following weeks Nora Fawn shared some additional photos of her Mikasa Ackerman cosplay. This cosplay is an interpretation of the uniform of the legion of recognition under the jacket with the extra touch of a black corset.

In the following week, Nora posted an additional photograph again, thus closing her short cycle in which she performed a Shingeki No Kyojin cosplay. Since then Nora has not disguised herself as characters from Attack on Titan, so at the moment the only cosplay he has done is that of Mikasa Ackerman.

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If you like the style of Nora Fawn I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, as she is quite active and constantly publishes new photos, both inside and outside of her cosplays. If you want to see Nora Fawn playing video game characters, you may be interested in her cosplay de Tifa, de Final Fantasy 7.