Play the free Attack on Titan VR demo

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is one of the most relevant animes of recent years, which made a leap into the mainstream that attracted fans of all kinds since its inception. Now with the final part of his last season On the horizon, interest in the franchise is higher than ever. So fans will be happy to know that they can play a fully immersive VR title that allows them to freely roam the world and face off against the proverbial titans as members of the Survey Corps.

How to play Attack on Titan VR for free?

Attack on Titan VR is an independent project developed by the studio, Slavkaskola. the game is still created in the Unreal Engine 4 and allows a complete and wide view of the world of Attack on Titan. Players will be able to take control of a character within the Reconnaissance Legion and move freely inside and outside walls thanks to the 3D Maneuver Team, so the way of moving is frenetic, dynamic, fast and makes us think of other franchises. , What spider-man.

Although the game is still under development, PC gamers can download and play the demo for free. All they have to do is download the program through Itchi.ioquintessential indie repository, and have at your disposal equipment compatible with VR games.

In the demo, it is possible to walk around the city and its exteriors freely, but also to face the titans thanks to the tutorial, which explains the basics of combat. Although the models still look crude and the animations may have imperfections, we must remember that this is a demo and that the final project is not yet finished.

How much is Attack on Titan VR going to cost?

While there is no planned release window yet for the official version of the game, what we do know is that the title will be free-to-play once released. This, possibly, due to possible legal problems due to copyright issues when profiting from a protected license. However, the game looks promising and, above all, it is an affordable VR experience for those who cannot travel to Japan to experience something similar in the many attractions focused on Attack on Titan. This is a preview of the gameplay of the game: