Ploubazlanec – In Ploubazlanec, the port council approves the extension of the commercial port of Bréhat

The project to extend the port of La Corderie, on the island of Bréhat, has been endorsed by the port council. As a reminder, Bréhat has only one commercial port, Port-Clos. Part of the municipal port of La Corderie now officially becomes an annex by a transfer to the Department. A legal arrangement thought out jointly by the municipality, the State, the Region and the Department to finally allow the island to be able to manage its waste safely. A temporary authorization from the public domain (AOT) or a concession will enable the necessary work to be carried out there to remove the said waste. For the moment, the contours of this extension are not quite fixed. “The land part could be revised downwards, because it is a protected site”, notes Olivier Carré, the mayor of Bréhat. Who also plans to integrate a food zone. The Department would like this port structure to be potentially accessible to passenger transport.

Still at Bréhat, a 1.50 m extension of the small hold used by the Barge de Bréhat to bring the goods will be carried out. Work had already been carried out four years ago but had not held.

At L’Arcouest, in addition to the repointing, the in-depth work on the slipway has been finalized.

Several new members have joined the two port councils of Loguivy-Pors Even and L’Arcouest-Bréhat. (The Telegram/Marie-Hélène Clam)

The premises of the former Loguivy fishponds operational in March

Work in the old fishponds of Loguivy-de-la-Mer is going well. The new premises for fishing and oyster farming professionals should be operational at the beginning of March.

The 435 port structures in the sector were visited by a firm appointed by the council. Firm that took a “photo” of the necessary work. They amount to €9.20 million. “On each port, we will know which ring we have to change and what the real priorities are”, rejoices Valérie Rumiano, president of the council and elected departmental representative of the canton of Plouha.

Finally, the area of ​​Roc’h Hir, in Loguivy, becomes a beach in summer, so it has been decided that shellfish farmers will have to move their barges during this period.