‘Retrospective’, from ‘Attack on Titan’: blood and drama in one of the best episodes of this anime

Attack the titans It has been characterized by the balance between the action and the moments to build characters or contexts. From the first season to the current one, Shingeki no Kyojin It is recognized for not dropping all the meat on the appetizer grill. When it seems that the story stagnates, the norm is that there is a surprise that brings those who follow the adaptation of the manga back to their feet. That’s what happened with “retrospective”, the penultimate chapter of this anime.

This characteristic makes it complex to typify this story. It’s a shonen traditional? Is it an even more mature narrative? Both responses cannot be simple, closed. While the shonen usually has a hectic pace, to the detriment of the construction of characters or balanced dialogues, the adaptation of Attack the titans it does offer these moments. Because they are important? They allow the combat scenes and other circumstances to have another dimension, an even more powerful one.

After several chapters detailing a part of the plan to try to stop Eren Jaeger, smoothing out the rough edges between different groups that had clashed until the beginning of the series and that are now allies, “Retrospective” showed the conflict between the parties, former teammates killing each other each other for different ideals. He did it relying on one of the resources that best suits history, the use of the maneuvering equipment to fly and cut beings with precision and spectacularity. During these types of moments, much of what was said before, of the gestures, circumstances and situations that apparently were not going to transcend, acquire another type of meaning for the viewer.

Attack the titans: Mikasa’s role

During the second part of the final season of Attack the titans, my house He has been one of the most controversial characters. Through symbolism, such as those related to the scarf, and other gestures, the character has progressively undergone a transformation. That confident girl became a woman full of doubts, caused by Eren Jaeger, until this chapter.

Not all questions regarding her have been cleared. There’s one left. But her performance, as spectacular as bloody, reminded her of who she was and says about part of her commitment to the mission they are developing. Mikasa is at a point in the story where she cannot allow herself to doubt, where each step is a point of certainty to face her greatest challenge: trying to kill Mikasa. Eren jaegerthe one that was his idyll.