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Attack on titans 4 × 28: «The dawn of humanity»

Three months after its premiere, part 2 of Attack the titans comes to an end. He does it at the most critical moment, when the viewer knows that all the content that is coming promises large doses of action. MAP leaves us without a doubt with honey on the lipsbut says goodbye for the moment of the anime with a fabulous episodewhich has a lot to comment on beyond what it seems at first glance.

Since last Sunday at 9:45 p.m. it is available at Crunchyroll in original version with subtitles in Spanish «The dawn of humanity». In this new review, we will delve into an episode that puts the focus above all on my house and Erenbut not before reminding you that the following lines will contain spoilers of its plot.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

This new release of Attack the titans start with my house on the ship that the alliance has boarded to try to stop the Rumble already Eren. The girl questions the last moments she spent with him before he left, so the plot goes back several months in timewhen the group first traveled to Marley with the help of Onyankopon and the azumabite.

This way, MAP adapt at last one of the most interesting flashbacks Attack the titans, which is originally found in chapter 123 of the manga, but which the studio has chosen not to animate until now (and I think very correctly). In it, we see adorable scenes of hange, Sasha, Conny and company reacting to discovering the kind of society, more developed, that lives on the other side of the sea. These endearing moments are broken when a boy, a refugee from the war (which we saw at the beginning of this final season), tries to rob Sasha your money. However, Levi he catches him, drawing the attention of the rest of the Marleyans, who want to severely punish the boy.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

The fact that the crowd tried to harm the little pickpocket I think was probably The drop that filled the glass for Eren. At that time, he came to the conclusion that no one was going to accept people from him and, after listening to Kiyomi then, he began to make a firm decision to carry out his current plan. hange and the others hope to be able to dialogue with the world during an international forum, but ErenInstead, he walks away.

It is my house the one who realizes his absence and decides to go look for him. When she finds him, although she cannot see him because her back is turned, the viewer does witness that Eren is crying. He doesn’t cry because of what happened, but because he knows what will happen to the little pickpocket and his people if he goes through with this plan. Hence she responds to my house that nothing has happened “for the moment”.

Next, Eren changes the course of the conversation completely to ask my house what is he to her If she’s going to make a decision about the future of humanity, have to know if fixing my house for him is his own, if he has enslaved her for being a Ackerman or if there is something else. my house he blushes and replies that they are family. Eren does not seem to change his expression at the answer and the conversation between the two ends when armin, Jean, Conny and Sasha appear, in verbatim words of Eren“at the right time”.

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A) Yes, the group enjoys their last night of funbut for Eren it’s also the last night he spends with the people who have been by his side from the beginning, the people he loves most, and ultimately the people he’s killing the rest of the world for. And it is that Eren knows that he will never again have the opportunity to read books with arminArgue with Jean for nonsense or sit quietly with my house without either of them needing to say anything.

For this reason, the next day, during the celebration of the international forum, Eren He disappears upon hearing that, despite everything, the world still hates the Eldians on the island. And that’s when everything changes.

Currently, my house he keeps wondering if he made the right decision that day and the fact of not having been honest with Eren when he surely wanted to hear something else come out of her mouth must weigh on her conscience. Even though everything that’s happened since then wasn’t his fault.

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For the second half of the episode, the plot picks up from chapter 130, finally shedding some light on the character of Eren and his intentions. All these little flashbacks are very interesting because they allow us to know how the plan of Erenhow he cheated on Yelena and zekebut trust floch and above all, the lies he perpetuated to keep his friends away from him. In fact, as many surely believed, Eren lied to my house about his condition Ackermanwell what zeke What he actually told him is that he was not aware of any tendency to protect his master.

We also see him converse with History about the wishes of the high command that she devour zeke and gain the power of the Beast Titan. A few episodes ago they commented that someone must have told her what they were plotting, which led her to get pregnant so as not to have to eat zeke. At that time, the army’s high command believed that he had been Yelenabut from this flashback we know that it was actually Eren and what was it History the one that came to the conclusion that getting pregnant was the best solution to gain time.

We don’t have the answer Eren to that idea, but all the previous conversation is fascinating. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that History changed the trajectory of life Eren. As it indicates Eren, she was his salvation. History chose him over humanity in the cave of the Reiss, during the first part of the third season. Now he is destroying the world for his freedom and to ensure the safety of all his friends, including her own. Historythe girl who allowed him to live.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

And the next thing we see is Eren cutting off his own leg and putting a bullet in his eye. The viewer witnesses all the pain he is willing to go through, how willing he is to take on any burden, just to make sure the people he cares about continue to live. This is contrasted with the scene that follows, the terrible sight of what he is doing Eren currently with the Rumble. Not even all the weapons power in the world is capable of stopping the thousands of titans that walk towards the continent of Marley.

At this point, the end of Attack the titans could be anyone but the development of Eren It’s something I’m sure we’ll talk about for years to come.. MAP presents a tough episode, but also beautiful, which very well conveys the ability of the original author, Hajime Isayamanot to stop surprising.

at the beginning of the episode my house says: “Everyone thinks that Eren has changed. I thought that too. But it may not be the case. Maybe Eren hasn’t changed. But if it’s always been like this, what part have I been watching? And the answer is simple. all in Eren has changed, but at the same time nothing. The Eren of this final season is more composed, ruthless and calculating than ever, but he is still the same headstrong and idealistic boy we met in the first season.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

the last words of Eren in the episode they speak for themselves (“I’m going to kill them. Each and every one of them”), but it takes a bit of analysis to fully understand them. Although it seemed that everything initially revolved around avenging the death of his mother, Eren has grown beyond that. Of course she wanted to kill the titans for eating his mother, of course she wanted to kill Reiner, Bertholdt and annie for murdering his companions and being the cause of his mother’s death, of course he wanted to attack Marley to get revenge for having placed the titans in paradise and for having sent Reiner, Bertholdt, Marcel and annie to the island to infiltrate the walls. However, The truth is that Eren he just wants to secure his freedom. The death of his mother may have been a strong motivation to do all of the above, but he has always been about freedom.

Eren, who cannot live in a world in which he is not granted total freedom, wishes to fight until he achieves it. But Eren he finally realizes that there is no other way to get it than by completely eliminating all the hatred that the persecution of the Eldians provokes; and so she turns to the Rumble. All of this does extremely difficult to choose a side because, on the one hand, Eren he knows it’s his only option, but on the other, it’s hard to side with someone who’s about to murder millions of innocent people.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

Attack the titans ends for now with an episode that is surely not the one that many wanted, but the one that they needed. And all this bringing back for its end one of the classic anime themes, giving even more strength to the image of terror caused by the destruction of the titans, the same one that they gave off when we saw the first episode of the series back in 2013.

10 years later, the anime of Attack the titans will come to an end. Yes, it will be in 2023 with a third part, as confirmed at the end of the broadcast of this episode 28. The wait will be long, but we are convinced that it will be worth it. A series like Attack the titans deserves to be fired in style.