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Attack on titans 4 × 19: «Brothers»

Attack to the titans is a great series and in recent years probably no anime has had the impact that the adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Its plot stirs and, above all, excites, making its viewers practically jump from the sofa or chair. Perhaps “Brothers”, the third installment of part 2 of the final season of Attack the titans, has not been entirely consistent with the animation during its slightly more than 20 minutes duration. But at the plot level, yes. has managed to perfectly build and adapt the clash of the characters at the same point.

And we have been able to see all this thanks to a new “Titanic Sunday” by the hand of Crunchyroll. For the second week in a row, the streaming platform has been on time for the event and the simulcast of the episode is now available in the original version with Spanish subtitles. In this new installment, there is not only action, but also the brothers Jaeger They begin to put the cards on the table. So then in Ramen for Two, we break this down exciting episode, but not before reminding you that the following lines will contain plot spoilers of the same.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

The new episode of Attack the titans starts directly with the opening, all a statement of intent by MAP. The study gives the viewer only that minute of respite to fully immerse him in the battle in Shiganshina. Zeke is apparently out of action after being hit by a shell and troops from Marley they will not allow They were and he can come into contact under any circumstances.

However, to Zeke still have strength to scream and activate the transformations of all those who ingested his spinal fluid. Colt arrive in time to prevent him from doing so. You can’t let your little brother Falco transform into a titan, so he begs Zeke wait long enough for Falco may be far enough out of the activation range.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Since we were introduced to the character of Colt, his main target has always been his little brother. Falco is your reason for being, would sacrifice the world if it could keep it safe. Because Zeke understand the request Colt makes him; he is a living symbol of all that Zeke never had and everything he’s been trying to replicate with his own little brother, now that he’s finally met him.

I think we were all convinced that Zeke he would give a damn Falco would have swallowed his spinal fluid. And it’s true, that doesn’t stop him. But his apology to Colt, just before I scream, I think it’s completely sincere. He legitimately regrets having to destroy the most important person in Colt and this, coming from the man who couldn’t understand why Levi would be upset for having titanized the town of Connie, is, to say the least, surprising.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

with the cry of Zeke, all those who had ingested the spinal fluid with the wine, and among whom is a character as beloved as Commander Pixis, they are transformed into titans. Y Colt, who could have been saved if he had run away, makes the decision not to abandon his little brother, to stay with him until the end even if it means dying. A decision with such emotional integrity which makes his death the most beautiful and emotional scene in this episode.

Shiganshina replete with titans devouring humans remember a lot at the beginning of this story. Now what Falco has become a titan, Zeke order him to attack Reiner, whom he tries to bite in the neck to devour him. For its part, Reineraffected by the fate of Falco, seems to give up momentarily and thinks about removing the hardening at the back of his neck to allow him to inherit the Armored Titan’s power. But Galliard he has other plans.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

In a previous scene of the fight of Reiner Y Galliard against They were we see that when Reiner touch to Galliard, the Coordinate appears to activate for a few seconds (despite no one of royal blood being involved). Thanks to that, Galliard finally sees the memories of his brother and discover the truth about the selection of Reiner as the Armored Titan: Marcel he did it to protect him. This revelation leads to Galliard to make a decision that many will surely have seemed stupid, since it leaves the body of the titan to offer itself on a platter to Falco. But I personally think his death is a perfect closure for the character.

Galliard was a bit of an idiot (we’re not going to deny it), but during the arc of Marley you can see that he really cared about others. that hatred towards Reiner it’s not by chance, because all that time he spent hating him was precisely to build the climax of his evolution and meaning as a character. His sacrifice is not necessarily to save Falco or because he can’t regenerate anymore (in fact, steam is coming out of his wounds), but, while rather vague, it’s his way of telling Reiner who forgives him.

This fact ignites Reiner. We can feel his rage when he hits They were. But this one crystallizes and leaves the titan to escape on foot towards Zeke, who has also been freed from his titan form. Reiner try to stop it but They were you are not alone. While Armin Y Mikasa they’re dealing with the Titan Freighter, Jean Y Connie appear to attack Reiner with the lightning spears, thus allowing They were can escape. It’s a shame that Gabi haven’t said the last word yet.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Although the first part of the episode, especially the movements of the titans, had seemed to me that they were not very well integrated, it is from here when the magic arises. Like MAP would have been saving for this moment.

Gabi fire the special weapon created by Marley to kill the changeling titans and, in a 360º slow-motion sequence, we see the whole scene, appreciating the different points of view. while the head of They were flies through the air, we are brought back to the conversation that the brothers Jaeger held before the attack on Liberia. Then, They were he told Zeke agree to your plan. That moved the eldest. Jaeger, who decided to share with his little brother the baseball with which he played with Xaver when I was a child. That They were do not take it is not a coincidence, but gives us a hint of something that is going to happen a few minutes later.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Unlike They were With the ball, Zeke yes he manages to catch his head, finally entering the brothers Jaeger in contact. The moment is stellar. The execution is perfect. We see a close-up of the eye of They were, in front of which both his memories and those of his father are presented. A scene that reminds me a lot of 2001: A Space Odyssey, both for the music and for its approach and the colors used.

Finally, after it was revealed to us in season three that the Founder Titan’s true power could only be harnessed through royal blood, They were has finally reached the Coordinate where the “invisible paths” that unite the People of Ymir, transcending time and space. Now that they have gained access to the true power of the Founding Titan, we discover that the girl who rebuilt the body of Zeke when he was shattered by the lightning spear that tied him Levi, it was her own Ymir. She, who lives in that space, creates the titans using sand and is a slave to those who have royal blood.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Zeke can see his euthanasia plan fulfilled, but, as Armin deduced, They were he doesn’t really agree, which was quite obvious. Accepting the euthanasia plan would not have been consistent with They were as a character when we have heard him repeat so many times that he is special only because he was born into the world. So They were He asks for his power Ymir, but she ignores him in favor of Zekewho expected that They were will betray him.

As we already knew, They were does not possess royal blood, therefore, Ymir does not answer to him, but to Zeke. Zeke has spent “many years” in Coordinate space until They were woke up after being shot Gabi and had time to learn how it worked. Not having been influenced by the oath of renunciation of war King Fritz 145 (remember that he does not have the Founder Titan, but the Beast), Zeke He claims to have managed to disable it. Specifically, as a servant of those who possess royal blood, Ymir grants the Coordinate power to Zeke thanks to They were, who has become the key to that end.

Yet despite the betrayal, Zeke don’t lose hope with They were. He believes that his father brainwashed him and Zeke he believes that he is the only one who can now save his little brother. To do this, join the foreheads of both in what seems to be the activation of the Coordinate.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

The 19th episode of the fourth season of Attack the titans finish this spectacular cliffhanger. For this installment, chapter 119 of the manga and half of 120 have been fully adapted, speeding up the pace a bit compared to the previous two episodes. In my opinion, it has been an excellent adaptation of the events of the original work, in which the production has allowed itself to be a little more creative to present in a different way (and, for me, very correctly) the sequence of memories that he sees They were.

Finally, as a curiosity, in that close-up of the eye and the memories, we see Reiner in a sauna, a reference to an illustration created for one of the covers of the Bessatsu Shônen Magazine (where it was published Attack the titans), and versions of Armin Y Mikasa high school parody Attack the titans created by Isayama himself that was included at the end of each volume as a false preview of the next volume (and that Editorial Standard unfortunately not included in the Spanish edition). A very nice nod to the manga and its author, who already introduced it also in the manga version of this moment.