Review of Attack on Titan episode 76 – The final installment of the anime is here!

Review of episode 76 of Attack on Titan, the first chapter of the final stretch of the last season of the anime now available on Crunchyroll.

Attack the titans It is one of the anime that arouses the most passions, and that despite its relatively short existence compared to other manga has won a whole legion of loyal fans.

The story of Hajime Isayama finally managed to expand internationally thanks to the anime adaptation that began airing in 2013. Fans of Attack the titans They have had to learn to develop a good sense of patience, with long hiatuses waiting between the production of the seasons of the animated series.

And is that despite the fact that the manga ended last year, the final season of the anime left us with a tremendous cliffhanger at the end of its first part in March 2021. It has been almost a year since we saw chapter 75 of the anime, and the second part of this has finally been released final season of Attack on Titan.

The first part of season four kicked off a few years after the end of season three, introducing us to the inhabitants of Marley and with an action-packed arc in which Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the Survey Corps they launched a devastating attack on the city of Liberio.

During these chapters, things have not been easy in Paradís, with various factions trying to take control of the island and numerous conspiracies. The tension has been increasing chapter by chapter, with the Jaegeristas staging a coup and Zeke managing to put the military into his plan to turn them into titans.

Everything you need to know before watching the end of Attack on Titan

As if all these were not enough, the attack on Marley had consequences and the enemy troops decided to launch their own counterattack against Paradís earlier than anticipated, completely catching an Eren more vulnerable than ever by surprise.

The final stretch of this fourth season is expected to have 12 episodes, the anime episode 76 finally it has been seen in simulcast from Crunchyroll, where it will be broadcast weekly in Japanese with Spanish subtitles, although with Premium access, yes.

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The first chapter of the second part of the final season starts immediately where its predecessor left us, With a very clean cut narratively speaking that is perfect to continue watching the anime in a row.

We are not going to spoil you if you are one of the fans who mainly follow the anime, but it seems that a couple of the biggest unknowns that we were left with in the previous chapter are solved, specifically about the fate of Zeke and Levi Ackerman.

Attack on Titan - Episode 76

Marley’s unexpected attack on the island of Paradis continues, with enemy armies attacking from the air and his Titans engaging Eren.

In general, MAPPA’s animation is exceptional and shines especially in action scenes. You can see that by having a more limited second half of the season, they have been able to dedicate more time to each scene to polish every detail and leave us with a spectacular result.

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The previous batch of episodes was blamed for a certain drop in quality that they have been able to correct and to spare. In addition, it has also greatly improved the integration of traditional 2D animation with the CGI animation they use for titans and battles, fooling the eye very easily.

It is an action-packed episode, with a lot of weight to Eren Jager y Reiner Braun in which the antagonism of the two characters is perfectly exploited, although Pieck Finger and Porco Galliard also have their moments to make their own titans shine.

Attack on Titan - Episode 76

We have to warn you that if what you are looking for is a huge advance in the plot and the resolution of several narrative fronts after the hiatus, you are going to find yourself with a song in the teeth.

As we told you above, This chapter 76 of Attack on Titan is a good uncut continuation of its predecessor, so it should not be taken as a new chapter in a new season or after an American “mid-season finale”. Yes, it solves some little things for us, but it is unsatisfactory in terms of plot movement.

Even so, some pearls have been falling who are already heading the story towards its end point, with a special focus on the Paths, Ymir and the true meaning of the Titans. It is a chapter to “catch up”, to recapitulate and remember where the pieces of the board were left and see how the characters prepare for the fireworks that are coming their way.

This new chapter of Attack the titans It is presented as a good start that knows little, although he manages to continue the story perfectly, maintaining a very good rhythm and giving small information brushstrokes.

Attack on Titan - Episode 76

What we cannot help but think is that in principle there are only eleven more chapters of the anime left, and seeing that this first chapter is taking its time to resolve the plot, it remains to be seen if MAPPA actually manages to condense the entire story into so few episodes satisfactorily and smoothly.

Of course, for now it seems that they know what they are doing with respect to the rhythm of the series, since the episode flies by and again leaves us in tension and with a tremendous desire for the next chapter to arrive.