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Attack on titans 4 × 25: “The night of the end”

Sundays are synonymous with a new episode of Attack the titans. All this hand in hand Crunchyroll, which offers streaming in the original version with subtitles in Spanish. After last week’s delivery, which failed in the rhythm and resolution of certain subplots, “The Night of the End”, which adapts chapter 127 of the manga, condenses everything I like about the work from Hajime Isayama: Strong individual characterization, treatment of complex issues revolving around history and war, and thought-provoking dialogue.

Specifically, at the plot level, this episode fully makes up for all the narrative shortcomings of the previous oneand addresses the fundamental moral questions about what you are doing Eren and the geopolitical contexts that led to their actions. An episode that has a lot to comment on, not only at a plot level, but also at a technical level and that we will condense in this review, but not before reminding you that the following lines will contain spoilers of its plot.

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The episode flashes back to the night before the alliance, filling in the gaps from last week’s episode, where it was left up in the air how my house and Jean they joined the rest. What is shown is that hange he sneaks into the barracks to talk to both of them and share his plan with them. The commander is in a complicated situation: he knows he has to stop the genocide of Eren, because, like the rest, he could not live with so many deaths on his conscience. But he also knows that he will probably sign the death warrant of paradise in doing so.

In addition, hange as well bears the responsibility of not having found some other way that could have prevented all of this entirely. the shadow of Erwin is still pursuing him, who might have been able to prevent the army from falling into the hands of the Jaegers. In my opinion, to Erwin wouldn’t have done better than hangebut there’s no way she couldn’t help but think of all those hypothetical situations if the blond was still alive.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

Jean confronts hange about. I always say that he is my favorite character of Attack the titans and, if it is, it is precisely because of its role in episodes like this one. I loved the internal torment of him at the beginning of the episode. It’s not that I like him to suffer, but I like to see him in its rawest and most honest state. Always has been one of the coolest characters of the series in terms of how he understands a situation and decides to approach it. Watching him collapse at a time when the march of the tens of thousands of colossal titans would surely drown out any thought is much needed. Because it allows the viewer to identify with him and with what is happening.

His daydreams about the future he always wanted (starting a family with my house from what can be deduced from the scar under the woman’s right eye) are bittersweet, but very timely as well. She could have stayed with Jaegers, try to aspire to that life with which he dreams. But she decides to go to the call of hange because it’s the right thing to do.

As already mentioned in previous reviews, Jean understand why Eren choose this path, you may even agree with it, but taking innocent lives is not something to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, ask the most interesting questions. Jean knows what to stop Eren will only make paradise win a few more years before it is wiped off the map as planned. Saving the world is ultimately a survival mechanism. In the short term, it seems plausible that it can stop Erenbut what will happen next? Marley and the world will continue to fear and hate the Eldians. Therefore Eren go ahead with the only solution that could potentially save paradise.

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Later, all the group gathers in the forest. We finally have the opposing sides exploring this conflict with each other and further blurring the line between them. It’s really hard to fully adhere to either side, as both have done horrible things. Therefore, it is very interesting to discuss Magath and Jean.

Jean says yes in the year 845 Marley I would not have attacked the walls, Carla would not have been eaten, and Eren they would not have taken the path that has brought them to their current situation. Magath strikes back, citing once again the 2,000 years of Eldian rule over Marleywhich brings us back to the questions raised by Jean at the beginning of the episode. Anyone who thinks the world is going to suddenly change its mind about paradise and that it is realistic to achieve peace just because the alliance defeats Eren has a incredibly naive view. Magathsupposedly one of the good Marleyans, continues to have a deep hatred of the Eldians of paradise. Maybe he’ll change his mind like he did Gabibut the rest of the world does not have the advantage of “being camping” with people from the island.

Fortunately, annie intervenes in this discussion that doesn’t seem like it’s going to get anywhere. I like that he cuts to the chase while everyone else is beating around the bush. annie make a very pertinent question: How far would you be willing to go? armin, my house and company for arresting Eren? Would they be able to kill him if the time came? Unfortunately, the answer remains up in the air, because hange he interrupts the situation by forcing everyone to sit down and eat something.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

Regardless of which side is more or less right, the point of this whole scene is to show that the capacity for dialogue is what makes us shine as human beings, despite the fact that we can lose our humanity and destroy each other for achieving our goals many times. For the first time in a long time, the episode shows a kinder moment shared by former colleagues, enemies and friends, who, despite having suffered, try to put aside their differences. The scene begins with the groups segregated around the fire, but by the end, they all form a circle once pieck appears to use Yelena as a spokesperson to expose everyone’s actions.

There is no laughter, joy or forgiveness, which was to be expected. But this moment serves to pause the warlike instinct of humanity and resolve differences through dialogue. Why not try it for once? With this the original author, Isayama, is not saying that talking is the only sure path to peace, but rather he is suggesting that violence will not always fix things and that war will only continue the cycle of hatred that they have faced. the Eldians and the rest of the world for thousands of years.

So at this point, when Yelena forces to annie and Reiner to count the truth about death Framethe boy’s last words (“We haven’t talked yet”) are so relevant. Jean explodes to unleash all its fury against Reinersomething that, without a doubt, Jean needed. Reiner will physically heal from the blows, but the image of the corpse of Frame will never disappear from the mind of Jean. So, as much as armin and Conny try to stop Jean, they can not. just get it Gabiwho gets in the way and accidentally gets kicked by Jean.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

What comes next is a scene of great impactbecause Gabi kneels before Jean and apologizes, not only on behalf of Reinerbut also in the Marley. Both she and Falco They beg for your help. Magath then approach one Gabi shattered. He reaches out his hand to comfort her, but stops midway, realizing that it is responsible for your suffering. Magath he still hates the Eldians, like many Marleyans, but understands that the self-destructive march to war he has embarked on Marley not beneficial for the future Marley nor the future of the children as Gabi that they will inherit the world that they as adults will leave them.

For his part, although initially Jean does not respond to the children’s request, the next morning, with a clear head, he apologizes to Gabi for hitting her and tells them he will help them. However, things will not be easy at all because the Jaegers They have taken over the port and will have to face them in order to get the ship with which to approach the Rumble and the continent.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Shingeki no Kyojin” The Final Season Production Committee

Finally, on a technical level, the episode has light and some of the most spectacular backgrounds to date. However, the decisions in the direction are strange, because static planes are abused, especially from tree branches during conversations around the fire. Personally, although there isn’t much movement on the part of the characters, I think the tension would have been maintained more by focusing on them and animating their speech instead of repetitively panning the background.

With this decision, it seems that MAP what he has sought is to save money for the benefit of what is to come, something that does not speak very well for the study. A pity, because in my opinion, a golden opportunity has been lost to have generated some of the scenes with the greatest emotional impact it’s from the season.