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alliances within Shingeki no Kyojin They changed once again… or so it seems. The reality is that the enemy is clear to everyone, although no one really knows who he is. However, while everyone decides their intentions, the Rumble of the Earth continues to advance.

Needless to say, there are spoilers, but just in case SPOILER ALERT FROM NOW ON.

The reality of the world is chaotic. Eren, after awakening the power of the founding titan with Ymiradvances with the intention of destroying everything outside the walls and returning freedom to Paradis Island, taking it away from everyone else.

However, this decision does not seem to be supported by anyone except the small Jaeggerist cells that formed in the conspiracy of the volunteers of Marley and the traitors of the Eldian army of the walls.

hang zoe
Hange and Levi wander looking for answers in the midst of chaos | Source: MAPPA

Among the first changes of sides that we see, are that of Hange and Levi, who met with Captain Magath and Pieck, the cart titan, who continue to run away looking for explanations and answers so they can stop erenwho finally achieved his goal and betrayed Zeke, who first betrayed Marley, then betrayed Eldia, then betrayed Eren and sought to betray the founder, who was the one who ultimately did not respond to his lies.

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Eren, the final absolutist boss

In the same way as Thanos in the MCU, Eren quickly became the real enemy of Shingeki no Kyojin. Chapter 83, although it does not show itlittle by little presents the consequences of such an absolutist logic, which is only the obtuse declaration of a false idea of ​​freedom, of a dangerous idea that says that everyone, apart from me, deserves to be crushed as long as they have the power to do it.

Although it may seem ironic, Isayama does not share these ideas. The reference to Japan during the Axis era in World War II is very well as what they did with neighboring countries in their imperialist intentions, as well as the notorious criticism of the Nazi concentration camps.

This itself makes the plan to defend humanity complicated, because meeting all the differences that frame civilizations outside the walls is not something we have discussed on previous occasions. There doesn’t seem to be any justification for a global unity just because a huge titan and his titan buddies are on their way to step on you.

In any case, the Jaeggerist resistance is still there, as a threat, especially since they staged a coup d’état in order to take over the central government, just before Eren and Zeke could get together and thus get the power of the founder.

reunion armin annie
Who yesterday was an enemy, today is an ally | Source: MAPPA

What will be left of everyone once the titan advance reaches other continents? That is something that will have to be answered as these new alliances form, maybe Armin and Mikasa really decide to defeat Eren, which would give them the opportunity for one last battle, in which they decide the end of this story.

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