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The world of Shingeki no Kyojin collapses at every step the Earth Rumble takes, and despite the fact that life practically does not exist, all the old grudges are reborn and are afloat among the survivors who still want to stand up to Eren. That is what chapter 84 left us with the return of Annie and Yelena.

Needless to say, there are spoilers, but just in case SPOILER ALERT FROM NOW ON.

Far from the action of the first chapters, these last weeks we are seeing the conflict from other fronts and, above all, seeing the consequences of so many years of hatred sown between the people of Paradis Island and abroad.

Eren, who managed to communicate with all the Eldians through the ways, power of Ymir the founderundertook his own plan far from the one he had Zeke, his brother, seeking to consolidate Eldian euthanasiawith which there would be no more offspring of the demons on the island.

gabi shingeki no kyojin
Gabi now understands what war means away from her role as a soldier | Source: MAPPA

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Therefore, all alliances are broken and the war of the past does not exist right now. The good guys and the bad guys are blurred. Now, facing the greatest terror in the world, there are only two paths: step on or be stepped on and the question is: by whom?

In the midst of these doubts, Hange and Levi decided to ally themselves with Magath and Pieck, who do not trust them and with good reason, just a few hours ago they were willing to eliminate each other, but the forced changes make everything rethink.

all returns of Shingeki no Kyojin

Now that everything is turned upside down, the loose ends are starting to come together. We already saw the return of Annie and also that of Levibut right now also from the shadows Yelena appeared to remember the sins of all.

jean shingeki no kyojin
Jean faced her former enemies… who were also her former friends | Source: MAPPA

And there are no good guys in war. Everyone believes that their cause is the best and that is the true nature of war: to dominate to impose our vision. The meeting with Yelena and the payment of the penalties and sins is necessary. No one is innocent and everyone has massacred those who did not deserve it, those who were outside of this 2,000-year drama..

The end is yet to be seen, but we know we are on our way to stopping only one thing: war. As Hange made clear, he doesn’t want a massacre. Armin and Mikasa prepare to face Eren and break the promises and the dream they always had of being free..

It remains to be seen what they do Eren and the founder to resist and to seal the revenges of two centuries that could not be sealed. These two have the total power of this world in their hands and stopping them seems practically impossible right now.

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