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At last the masks fell on Shingeki no Kyojin after three chapters in which it was not clear what the survivors of the Rumble of the Earth would do. Now the betrayals keep happening, but the Jaegers weren’t prepared for it.

Needless to say, there are spoilers, but just in case SPOILER ALERT FROM NOW ON.

The plan to stop Eren still has many barriers. The first of them, obviously, is the army of colossal titans that the founding titan has walking towards the other contenders, but on the Island they continue to the jaegers dominating and controlling everything after the coup.

The set of survivors seems to be starting to move forward, slightly resolving their differences, settled by more than two thousand years of uninterrupted conflict, but for this they need to be able to move towards Eren, something that is impossible without a plane and the only one they have requires the Azumabito, who are kidnapped by Floch and the main Jaegers.

mikasa shingeki no kyojin
Mikasa had to face her former partner | Source: MAPPA

Given this, Armin, Mikasa and Connie had to face their former teammates, the same ones who betrayed them in the coup, from which Eren excluded them (and when it was still believed that the Eldian Euthanasia Plan was the answer). For Connie and Armin, having to prevent a massacre is important, but this is no longer an option for the needs of the current situation.

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Fortunately, the end begins to take shape, but unfortunately this is where everything is resolved with the haste of a season with so few chapters. This is where the adaptation of MAPPA begins to limp little by little and it will show in the inconsistencies that Isayama also had in the manga.

The problem of the conclusion Shingeki no Kyojin

There are many factions encountered at the beginning of the final season. However, all of them are solving their problems as the chapters progress, be it with alliances like the soldiers of Marley and the Legion of Exploration; or with violence, like the Jaegerists and the Central Government of Paradis Island.

annie reiner
annie and Reiner attacked again with their titans | Source: MAPPA

It is difficult to have all the loose ends tied together with strict logic, especially considering that Isayama spread this story for over a year. Therefore, in the final chapters everything is resolved… because it is resolved. Annie and Reiner returned and there is no conflict with it. Yelena is just stuck there. Hange looks at everyone as friends… the characters are a bit blurred in favor of the plot.

The end will come soon and this may be a small warning for you of what is to come. It is clear that not everyone will be happy, but it is a fact that it is an ending consistent with what the author has been showing for more than 10 yearsalthough the process to show it is not exactly the most consistent.

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