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On Sunday March 20, 2022 we possibly saw the best episode of the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin. “hindsight” It was a look back into the lives of two deranged characters and also MAPPA’s most impressive display of action to date.

Needless to say, there are spoilers, but just in case SPOILER ALERT FROM NOW ON.

The fighting between the mixed faction who wants to stop the Earth Rumble of Eren and Ymir, the founder, continue to encounter resistance, but also unexpected allies. For Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 86, we could see the conclusion of the fightwhich was perhaps not of great magnitude, but it was of the utmost importance.

hange shingeki no kyojin
Hange continues to seek to prevent an ever-widening carnage | Source: MAPPA

This was a battle against the last cell of the Jaegers, who took control of Paradis Island under Yelena and Floch.. If he won, he would be able to get hold of a ship to reach an Azumabito workshop where they could start the plane with which they intend to approach Eren… if he lost, the Rumble would end everything in the world without opposition.

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This great battle had a positive balance for Armin, Mikasa and the others, but the defenses of the Island and the Jaegerists remain and are on the prowl, which forced General Magath to think of an option to give them time, which was rather a sacrifice.

The responsibility of Magath and Shadis

Approaching the ship remaining in port, Magath found Keith Shadis, the former recruit instructor in the army from behind the wallswho helped him stop reinforcements from the island and with whom he undertook his sacrifice.

These, being together, recognized that much of the fate of this war was in their hands. Both, as obtuse pawns of the interests of others, had to put at risk children who, had they faced another world, one in which they were not important, would have been happy without being stained with blood.

This reflection, in retrospect, shows us what is the most complicated part of this war: the lives lost among the army. Every time Eren, Armin and Mikasa took a step, they also moved further away from being able to escape that fate, just like Annie, Reiner and Berthold on the Island, and Zeke, Galliard and Pieck in Marley.

mikasa shingeki no kyojin 86
Mikasa, an Ackerman who can’t escape her own blood | Source: MAPPA

These two, as the last act of amendment, they sacrificed themselves so that, if they succeed, they will be the last to face this fate and the cycle of pain and violence in which the world has been involved for more than two thousand years ends.

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