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I don’t know how to tell you this without feeling embarrassed anymore: but this weekend finished the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin… for the second time. However, this final chapter brought us a moment that seemed like we wouldn’t be able to see in the anime after the breakneck speed with which MAPPA animated these last passages.

Needless to say, there are spoilers, but just in case SPOILER ALERT FROM NOW ON.

Now we let the Rumble of the Earth that Eren unleashedand we return to the past. This chapter, rather than showing us the fate of the world, explained to us the reasons that led to the separation of the owner of the Founding Titan from his friends and colleagues in the scouting legion.

The events that they lived in Marley during their visit to the Azumabito, they were also part of the last bit of peace they tasted in their lives. Getting drunk on a life that they themselves knew would disappear, because despite everything, they were in the territory of the enemy; a piece of land they would have to destroy shortly after Eren’s hand and his stealth campaign as a wounded Marley soldier.

mikasa eats ice cream
Mikasa with ice cream, make a wish | Source: MAPPA

Also, we saw the event that could possibly have changed everything in life and Eren’s perception regarding his own plans. This talk he has with Mikasa before having dinner for the last time together, it is also the moment when he asks for a clear explanation of what he is for herto which he simply replies: family.

Although we will not give more details about this because it is a spoiler… well, we will see it in a following season.

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The last season of Shingeki no Kyojin

When it was announced that MAPPA would be the studio in charge of making the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin there was emotion and concern, because everything that was missing did not fit in a print run of 12 or 24 chapters.

This concern calmed down when the same animator confirmed that it would be done in two parts. The first led to the explosion of the conflict and the second to the resolution of the Earth Rumble and the explanation of the origin of the titans and Ymir Fritz.

ymir fritz first titan
Ymir Fritz returned from the dead by combining with titanic power | Source: MAPPA

But it hardly seemed that everything was going to end, MAPPA revealed the third part of the last season. That is to say, a third season for a season that was announced three years ago… something hard to believe but it is happening.

And it is that at this point to say “last season” even sounds illogical. Sounds like a bad promise, just like it happened with the manga, which according to Isayama was going to end in 2019, but was extended until 2021 with increasingly complicated chapters.

Now, the true ending will come in 2023, which at this point was better said to be different seasonsbecause they are not even being released the same year or in different stations respecting the course of a calendar year, but with a whole year difference.

In any case, we will see the resolution of a conflict that has only been dragging on, gradually losing the interest of the public due to these same strange production decisions.

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