Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse performs a cool Eren Jaeger cosplay

It is quite an important year for Attack on Titan, as fans were not only able to see the first half of the final season of the anime, but the creator of the series Hajime Isayama it also ended the original manga series.

While fans are still itching to see what’s next for the anime when it returns for the latter half of its fourth and final season next year, there are plenty of questions as to what it will do. Eren Jaeger.

Since the first half of anime Shingeki no Kyojin temporada 4, saw him break away from his own faction and prepare for war against two opposing sides while unleashing the full powers of the Titans. And now, the excitement to see Eren again is getting even more intense thanks to the cosplay created by the star. Cole Sprouse.

Eren cosplay by Cole Sprouse from Riverdale

“I wanted to be Levi but I’m not 5’2,” wrote the Riverdale star

Cole Sprouse showed off his amazing version of Eren Jaeger for the Halloween season and while fans have seen his love for anime in the past, this cosplay is truly the next level! Check it out above as shared by the Riverdale actor on his Instagram account.

When is Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 coming out?

Attack on Titan will return with the final half of its fourth and final season on January 9 of next year, and will begin with the Episode 76 of the series. The episode that he will return with is titled “Trial” and could refer to any number of new and exciting things for the rest of the anime.

The director behind the series teased that the anime would be working towards its climax in the next half of the season, so it definitely makes Eren Jaeger’s return even more exciting than before.

There’s not much mystery about what to expect from the anime thanks to Hajime Isayama’s original manga already revealing how the series comes to an end, but there’s a lot of mystery about how the team behind the anime will adapt its final moments.

What are you hoping to see from Eren and the rest of the returning characters in the final season of Attack on Titan? The Truth News shared with you previously, that Cole Sprouse wants to be Sanji in Netflix’s live action.

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