Sasha, Jean and Connie from Attack on Titan would look like this in real life and they are amazing

There are many high-quality manga and anime in the last ten years. Stories of all kinds capable of crossing Japanese borders to culturally mark people around the globe. But, as in other areas, there are some stories that are more relevant than others. Attack on Titan, also known as Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, is among the most popular franchises of the decade with an action-packed story, fierce battles, and the most charismatic characters. In fact, with respect to the characters, some of them are usually the subject of gorgeous fan arts, like this one from Sasha, Jean and Connie.

This hyper-realistic portrait, the work of Instagram user Shefford, shows us three of the characters most loved by fans of Attack on Titan. In fact, every follower and follower of the saga will understand why this portrait includes the three characters together, an inseparable trio that has shone with its own light for much of the history of manga and anime. For that reason, many people call them “the silver trio” of the franchise, being the gold one formed by Eren, Mikasa and Armin. In addition, it also has other hyper-realistic works that show Commander Erwin among his publications, who is usually the subject of many amazing fan arts.

We will not make any kind of spoiler regarding the series, but his manga posts, already finished, have given much to talk about in recent months. Meanwhile, those who prefer to follow the anime, will be able to enjoy from December the episodes that will be the final stretch of this acclaimed series. After many years of success with Attack on Titan, which includes manga and anime, video games, OVA’s and movies (and some other live action that is better to forget), the last month of 2021 and the first months of 2022 They will be the final touch to a very prominent saga in the current manga-anime scene.