Secretlab: up to 90 euros reduction for the Easter holidays

The eggs of Easter are fast approaching and that is why secretlab propose several offers of up to 90 euros reduction on all of its products. We find in particular the armchairs OMEGA, TITAN Evo 2022, TITANbut also TITAN and TITAN Evo 2022 special series as well as MAGNUS offices.

On the hunt for Secretlab armchairs!

The couches secretlab are particularly appreciated within the editorial staff. We recently tested the TITAN Evo 2022 armchair who won the HC coup de coeur medal as well as the TITAN XL which was awarded the HC gold medal just like the Omega and Titan of the 2020 series.

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, Secretlab offers reductions of up to 90 euros. In sum, we have 90 euros reduction on the NAPA leather range and finally up to 50 euros on the TITAN Evo 2022, TITAN 2020 and OMEGA range.
However, not all models are on sale. We find the models Monster Hunter, Jinx, Harry Potter, The Witcher, Attack on Titan and The Batman Movie edition who are not affected.
Finally, for the purchase of an armchair, Secretlab cleaning wipes for leather or fabric worth 25 euros will be offered to you..

TITAN Evo 2022 armchairs on sale

As a reminder, the armchairs Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 are the evolution of the armchairs of the 2020 series and are equipped with a new fabric or a completely new NEO hybrid leather which ensures better longevity. In addition, the brand announces a resistance twelve times higher than the old hybrid leather. The range is divided into three sizes: Small, Regular and XL. In addition, this series also includes a lumbar adjustment integrated into the backrest which can go forwards and backwards, but also up and down. Finally, the armrests and the neck cushion are magnetic.

Les fauteuils gamer TITAN Evo 2022 en promotion pour Pâques ici.

TITAN 2020 and OMEGA armchairs on sale

About the chairs TITAN 2020, the lumbar adjustment is content to go back and forth. We find a SoftWeave fabric or one PRIME 2.0 hybrid leather. The latter provides increased resistance and longevity over time. In short, in these promotions we can mention the models deadmau5 and Team Secret. Finally, you can enjoy 90 euros reduction on the NAPA leather version.

Then we have the models OMEGA. The latter is more accessible than the other models while maintaining maximum quality. It is also the model for small jigs. Indeed, the main difference with TITAN 2020 will be thelack of lumbar adjustment. Finally U.S find the NAPA leather version who too will be able to benefit from a reduction of 90 euros.

Secretlab OMEGA Cookies & Cream Chair Review

Les fauteuils gamer TITAN et OMEGA en promotion pour Pâques ici.

If you can’t make up your mind and want more details on the armchairs, we have already tested four references at the editorial office:

We have also made a guide to tell you how to choose a Secretlab chair.

Guide: how to choose the right Secretlab gaming chair?

Secretlab Magnus desks on sale

Finally, let’s move on to the offices. As we mentioned at the beginning, Secretlab offices are equally on discount. Those MAGNUS offices have generous dimensions of 150 x 70 cm. In addition, they make it possible to store these cables as well as possible with the management cable compartment integrated into the desk. The brand also offers a multitude of accessories for the office.

Les bureaux Secretlab en promotion pour Pâques ici.

Before letting you take advantage of all these promotions, we tell you that the store offers also discounts on accessories. In short, we will find in particular leather care productbut also replacement neck pillows.

Les accessoires Secretlab en promotion pour Pâques ici.