Selecta Vision announces new Blu-Ray for ‘Attack on Titan’

After a time of uncertainty and with the distributor Select Vision on going, just announced that season 3 and the final season (part 1) of Attack the titans will arrive in format Blu-Ray this summer. The dates in question are June 29exactly one month, for the third season, and, the August 31 for the first part of the final season of Attack the titans.

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As for the third season edition, we find that it will be included in its entirety (22 episodes) on 3 different discs. Likewise, the anime can be enjoyed on your original version subtitled in Spanish or directly dubbed into our language. Also, this edition is packed with extras among which we find a series of short “Comic Strips”, video analysis of different chapters and an exclusive 68-page book on the series, among others. The price of this edition will be €49.99.

Regarding the final season (part 1), the edition will also include the chapters in their entirety (16 episodes) on 2 different discs dubbed into Spanish and in version original subtitled. In addition, this edition will also have exclusive extras for its buyers, such as an exclusive 60-page book on the series, a 3DCG Animation Video and video talks from the creators, among others. The price of this edition will be €49.99.

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So, thanks to Select Vision, we will be able to kill the desire for the future next season (part 3 and last of the final season) before it is released next year 2023 and it is pending that the second part of this final season is announced on Blu-Ray. We also leave you here the information that the first part of the final season of Attack the titans in Amazon Prime Video.

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