Shingeki No Koyjin Creator Reveals the Big Change He Requested for the Anime

The 3D changes of the anime was a very difficult task for the Shingeki no Kyojin anime to accomplish.

Now Shingeki no Kyojin gave him closure to this heartbreaking story with Eren’s murder at the hands of Mikasa, fans are waiting for what will come with the final season next year. And, since the manga ended a long time ago, we still don’t know what to expect after the last few pages that showed the memories of a Jaeger who had not been involved with ambition and power. However, this also gave rise to several suspicions on the part of the fanssince in reality this conclusion would have been perfect for the Hajime Isayama series.


Hajime Isayama, creator of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Should the events of Shingeki no Kyojin have been different?

What many don’t know is that this epic ending was modified by Hajime shortly after the manga was published and, with the time difference between it and the anime, the author had a moment to reflect on the ending. And recently the creator attended a panel at Anime NYC where he talked about his experience with the series finale.

First of all, Isayama explained to Anime News Network that it was “a very difficult request” that he had regretted. But what did he mean by this shocking revelation? Well, he started by explaining that once the anime adaptation was done they would have to do some adjustments in 3D and to talk about the beginning of the project, he commented:

“When they introduced the vertical maneuvering team, I wanted the design to be more improved for when it became an anime. That was a request I made to the anime team.”

And the reason why Isayama later regretted it was because it was a very difficult request. for his work team, but everything was already underway, so even though everything went great, Isayama knows what to consider for part 3 of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

If you still haven’t quite understood the story line of Shingeki no Kyojin, here’s a summary of the most important:

Why was Ymir in slave capacity?

The last decisions of the Exploration Corps they were instrumental in freeing Paradis Island from the clutches of Eren Jaeger and Ymir’s never-ending story of enslavement.

Though Eren Jaeger attained the powers of the Founding Titan thanks to the connection Ymir, here we discover a gear in the evolution of the titans. Not only did Ymir bestow the powers that had her bound to serve the kingdom of Fritz for two millennia to Eren to finally be freed from her, but the motives behind her decision to keep the Founding Titan for her were heartbreaking.


Ymir was sentenced by Eren Jaeger.

In this sense, the series gave us to understand that it was a sacrifice of love. Although she was able to rebel against the tyrant, her own nature kept her passive, creating all the parts of the Titans that were destroyed in wars and combats. It’s not that the Titans were able to regenerate themselves, it’s that Ymir was always behind his transformations and giving them powers.

This was the first tragic truth that was revealed in a long time in Shingeki no Kyojin. The second is that, although Fritz was no longer his main motivation after millennia, there was someone who could free her from this horrible position. And she was nothing more and nothing less than Mikasa.

Many of us believed that it was about Eren, since this character was engrossed in his goal of revenge against the Titans because they had destroyed his family, by devouring his mother. That is why he joined the ranks of the Scouting Corps. Being the protagonist of the story and having such a clear mission, everything seemed to indicate that he would be an empathetic and sensitive soul who could free Ymir as expected.

However, as we mentioned, to the surprise of many fans it turned out to be Mikasa, with whom Ymir had a strong bond due to her personality and the circumstances that they lived independently, but always at a point of sentimental coincidence. This is because Mikasa always believed that Ereneven in his eagerness to destroy everything in his path in order to achieve his goal, was able to behave and not harm third parties.

Mikasa always had a secondary role in this sense, since being Eren’s only friend (after having practically become a monster deviant by his thirst for revenge) he could still redeem himself. In the same way as Ymir, Mikasa remained loyal until the last moment, no matter how terrible the former King of Eldia and Eren Jaeger were becoming, each in her time, there was always a hope of change. Hence Ymir was identified with Mikasa and finally hoped that Mikasa would destroy it. But this never happened.

Continuing to try to convince his friend to moderate his actions that aroused suspicion among his fellow Survey Corps, once Eren acquired the powers of the Founding Titan he enjoyed not only immense power, but he became a grotesque being who had at his disposal the inhabitants of Paradis Island. And the former companions of the now tyrant had to make the decision to kill him -led by Mikasa-, since there was no other way to end this story arc that brought with it so many changes, betrayals and difficult decisions.