Shingeki no Kyojin: anime criticized for releasing merchandise that refers to the Jewish Holocaust

The last part of the Shingeki no Kyojin anime is about to arrive. The show created from the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, will soon conclude by revealing the fate of Eren Jaeger and the rest of the Eldians; and from the production team they prepare so that the end is unforgettable for everyone.

That is why several collaborations are on the way and new official merchandise is ready to be launched. It was precisely one of these products that brought a new controversy for the franchise, which ended with the withdrawal of said merchandise and with the respective apologies from the team. Here we tell you what it is about.

It turns out that, on the occasion of the conclusion of the fourth season, various items similar to those worn by the anime characters were released, including the band worn by the Eldians who live in Marley on the left arm.

This band serves to identify them from the Marleyans in general and, of course, has racial connotations since those who wear the bracelet are often looked down upon by the rest of the population, even if they are people of high rank, such as Zeke Jaeger, who wears a band of red color and that he has earned the respect of his peers … half. This color is exclusive to the Marley Warriors, that is, those carriers of changing titans who fight for this country.

The problem is that, like much of the elements of season 4, this bracelet is based on the one that the Jews wore during the Holocaust or Shoah during World War II. Of course, for them it was not an ornament, it was an emblem that publicly revealed their racial origin, which brought them abuse, humiliation and death.

That is why many fans of the franchise found it in bad taste to profit from these bracelets and immediately complained through social networks about the lack of tact by the production team to launch these products for sale.

Many Shingeki no Kyojin fans, despite loving anime, manga and its characters, spoke out against profiting from the symbol of one of the most cruel genocides in human history. While the bracelets in fiction are not identical to those worn in real life, the reference is clear. The Jews wore in their band the Star of David (6 peaks) and the Eldians of Marley, a star of 9.

Therefore, most of the responses to the previous tweet were from people pointing out how bad that idea was, or asking if they were put up for sale to cosplayers or how they could justify their actions.

The production team publicly apologized

After many complaints on social networks, the staff of the last season of the anime released a statement apologizing for this controversial product. “This bracelet was produced as a reproduction of what the characters that appear in this work wear,” reads the statement and added: “However, they are seen as a symbol of racial and ethnic discrimination and intern commercialize it was regrettable.”

Because of this, they announced that the orders for this bracelet were canceled a day later and of course, they offered an apology to anyone who could be offended by this product.

Season 4 of the Shingeki no Kyojin anime featured Marley’s country, where Eldians also live, but are viewed as “demons” by the rest of the world due to their origin as descendants of Ymir Fritz, the first of the Titans.

That is why they are segregated and forced to live in internment areas from where they cannot leave unless they have permission to do so. In addition, they must always wear their bracelet that identifies them as Eldians. Taking them out of their detention areas merits penalties that can even lead to death.

The second part of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin will arrive next January and we will see the conclusion of the conflict between the Eldians and the rest of the world that wants to permanently erase them from the face of the Earth.

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