Shingeki No Kyojin finally explains the fate of that character 11 years later

Eren Jaeger had to fall to obtain the peace of Paradis Island.

shingeki no kyojin is a manga -and later adapted to anime- published for the first time in April 2013; but, after more than 11 years of history, culminated in 2021with an ending that has left his fans delighted.

Chapter 139, called “Final Chapter: To the Tree on the Hill” is quite a timely denouement. for a story full of heartbreaking events, action and a lot of emotion. Of course, despite the dark overtones for which the series was characterized, finally everything could be accommodated for the cast members, although not all of them have survived this adventure.

The end of Eren Jaeger


Mikasa makes the decision to behead Eren.

If you didn’t finish the series for any reason, don’t go any further as there will be spoilers from the ending.

Now yes, once you have been warned about it, we continue. In the penultimate chapter, Armin, Levi, Mikasa and some other Warriors appear fighting against Eren, while wearing the glowing centipede figure that created all the Titans -after having sheltered for a while on the Founding Titan-. After getting into the mouth of the Titan Eren, with the help of Levi, Mikasa spectacularly decapitated Eren and then planted a goodbye kiss. Later, in the final chapter, Eren’s death is confirmed, while emphasis is placed on Mikasa bringing his head to Armin. After her, he takes her with him to the battlefield knowing that there will be no proper burial for the nearly monster that destroyed the island.

In the same way as the chapter that bears his name, the last pages reveal, three years later, that Eren’s grave is located under the tree on Paradis Island, the same one in which a young Eren was taking a nap. Meanwhile, Mikasa tells his friends Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie, and Pieck that they are going to visit him sometime, along with Gabi, Falnco, Levi, and Onyakopon. The atmosphere of nostalgia envelops the environment and when asking about his presence, the handkerchief that Eren gave him when they met slides around his neck.

In said scene, a mysterious bird arrives and arranges the scarf, to which it answers once it takes flight: “Thank you for wrapping me with this scarf, Eren.” Interestingly, a similar bird passed close to Armin as they headed towards Paradis. But this is not surprising, since the scout unit identified with birds and their wingswhich, during the series, were used as symbolisms of the freedom that Eren yearned for.

goodbye to the titans

What shingeki no kyojin He let us know after a long time, Eren’s mission was to save the world from the Titans. In fact, in the first pages of the final chapter we can read the conversation that he had with Armin, when the Commander was on the ship that was heading towards the Titan army of Eren’s Wall. “You did it for the sake of the future he saw using the power of the Attack Titan,” Armin concludes, hinting that Eren decided to use Rumbling to kill most of humanity.. So, when Armin asked him if there was really a need to do it, Eren shares a vision of a volcanic terrain, followed by this explanation: “the power of the Titans continues to exist because Ymir has been obeying King Fritz for 2,000 years.” In other words, he confirms that she followed him to the last, despite the fact that the monarch was capable of violating her people – and even herself – and truly loved him. So this bond sustained her for two millennia.

In this sense, Eren accepts that he cannot understand the nature of the feelingHowever, he does know that she was waiting all this time for the presence of someone who would “free her from the agony of love”. In addition, previously the readers that it was about Eren after obtaining the power of the Founding Titan from her. Nevertheless, Eren confesses to Armin that that person was always Mikasa.. For this reason, Ymir smiled in the last scenes of chapter 138 after Mikasa killed Eren.

Although it was not a choice of love, Mikasa’s decision implied her freedomAlthough we don’t know why. And, after this conversation, Eren erases the memory of Armin, which was returned to him in chapter # 139 after his death. Also, not only did this happen with his terrible ending, but Mikasa’s release of Ymir causes all of the Titans to turn to dust and revert to their human forms. So, with the knowledge of all this, Eren’s friends feel good about the decision that meant the true freedom of the Titans… even if the Eldians did not fully trust them.

And the end?


The events on Paradis Island after Eren’s death.

Well, as we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the chapter closes with the time advance of three years, when one day Rumbling was renamed “Battle of Heaven and Earth”. And although the titans have ceased to exist, the fear of the islanders has remained forever. In fact, the new nation of Eldia hovers on a Jaegerist flag. In addition, the story queen writes an emotional letter to Armin: “If we win, we live. If we lose, we die. If we don’t fight, we can’t win. Fight. Fight. This fight won’t end until Eldia or the world disappears. That’s what what Eren said, and he may be right. Still, he chose to leave this world in our hands. This place we now live in. A world without Titans.”

Finally, Eren’s old friends are left with the satisfaction of having destroyed the walls that enclosed the islanders and kept them under Eren’s control. In fact, they can be considered as a symbol of resistance and peace for the island of Paradis.