Shingeki No Kyojin: For this possible reason Falco’s jaw titan can fly

Falco might look like a bird because of his relationship with birds, but is the cerebrospinal fluid directly involved in this change?

In the latest episode of Shingeki no Kyojin, titled “Flashback,” fans of the series got their first look at Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan. This moment has been highly anticipated by the fans, since Falco inherited his powers from Porco Galliard in episode 78, “Two Brothers”, which premiered at the end of January.

The multiple forms of the Titans in Shingeki No Kyojin

Although the abilities of the Jaw Titan that the audience has seen so far seem to be the same as always, his appearance is totally different from what we have known him. Once transformed, Falco has a kind of claws, teeth that end in a beak and, sometimes, red eyes. All of these traits more closely resemble those of the Beast Titan than the Jaw Titans of Galliard or Ymir. This has led many fans to question whether these radical changes have been caused by Falco’s ingestion of Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid. However, we do not know if this is the case.


Fans of Shingeki no Kyojin may be aware that the Beast Titan has taken on a vast number of different forms since he was brought into the world following the death of Ymir Fritz.. In the 1,700 years since this event, the owners of this titan have exhibited animal traits of crocodiles, moose, bulls, wolves, snakes, rabbits, and even dinosaurs.

Since the start of Shingeki no Kyojin, the series has made it clear that a Titan’s appearance alters based on the host. Although the scope of these modifications varies greatly between each Titan, the inheritors of the Beast variation have had some of the most drastic revisions in history. Why this occurs has not been fully explained; however, some have hypothesized that it is subject to the animal that is most loved or represents the character. For example, in Zeke’s childhood, he can be seen playing with a brown-haired monkey.


What has happened to the image of Falco?

In episode 72, “Children of the Forest”, it is revealed that Falco has ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid., which was mixed in batches of Marleyan red wine. This comes after Nicolo finds out that Gabi killed Sasha and tries to attack her with a bottle in a desperate act of revenge. To protect her from her, Falco pushes her away from her and instead receives a blow that renders him immobile on the ground, where some of the liquid drips into her mouth. While previous scenes, such as Rod Reiss’s transformation, have shown that people can immediately turn into Titans after consuming this type of liquid, Falco does not. Rather, Zeke’s scream was the trigger for this process.

For its part, Falco’s Jaw Titan features are very bird-like. This is very appropriate, as his name could be translated as “falcon”. Also, Falco has been associated with the birds ever since he appeared on the series. In fact, early in season four, he can be seen lying on his back and looking up at the sky during Marley’s battle against the Middle East Alliance, in which he tries to call a bird to tell it to fly away.


Although perhaps this scene did not mean much at the time, today it seems a powerful signal about self-reflection. It is as if Falco is convinced that he must leave the horrible situation in which he finds himself, both in the present and in the future. Although Falco somehow glimpsed his fate, it is possible that this traumatic event became so ingrained that it affected his transformation.

Although it has not been confirmed that Zeke’s spinal fluid was the cause of Falco’s titan’s strange appearance, there does not seem to be any other explanation that would fit this change more closely. from the meeting, one might think that a titan’s cerebrospinal fluid works similarly to DNA, in that traits from the previous person are passed on to the heir. This would explain why Falco has traits of both Galliard’s Jaw Titan and Zeke’s Beast Titan. The next installment of Shingeki no Kyojin will likely show more of Falco’s titan and his powers, allowing viewers to see if this theory is true or explaining why the Jaw Titan has changed so much.

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