Shingeki No Kyojin: For this reason, Levi is back

What actions will Levi Ackerman take after he recovers?

There was a reveal that most Shingeki No Kyojin fans probably expected to happen: Levi Ackerman is still alive. The fate of mankind’s greatest soldier was left in doubt in the premiere episode of Final Season: Part Two when Hange Zoë threw Levi’s body into the river. A lot has happened since Levi was last conscious – though apparently he still isn’t – and, body shattered or not, he’s not dead, as we thought. Despite missing a few fingers and an eye, Levi likely wants to find a way to change his own fate and that of many when he finds out what Eren has done and what he has become of Paradis Island. .

In the finale of Final Season: Part One, Zeke Jaeger detonated a Thunder Spear at close range in a desperate attempt to escape Levi’s clutches and carry out his plan with Eren.. When AoT returned for Final Season: Part Two, Hange, who was being held prisoner by Floch and Jaeger’s supporters, came across Levi’s seemingly lifeless body. Though Floch considered it an advantage that his greatest enemy was dead, he insisted on checking for himself by making sure he had a pulse. Hange convincingly told them that Levi was dead, then took this opportunity to escape when Zeke emerged from the body of a dead Titan..

How is it possible that Levi could have survived a spear of thunder?

The thunder lances are powerful enough to manage to destroy Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan armor, so it makes us wonder how Levi was able to survive such an attack. But luckily we do have the answer. As a descendant of the Ackermann bloodline, Levi is much stronger than any average human.. In this regard, the Ackermann lineage was made up of several warriors who protected the king, capable of manifesting the strength of the titans in human form. And yet, it seems that Levi needed every ounce of his superhuman strength to survive after being brought to the brink of death by an attack like this. In fact, it is almost certain that he would have died had Hange not found him.


What will happen after this surprising event in Shingeki No Kyojin?

Although unaware, there will surely be some fallout for the series that humanity’s greatest soldier has returned. Meanwhile, Eren has abandoned the island of Paradis killing countless Eldians with the Rumbling in his path; and on the other hand, the Jaegers, led by Floch, have violently taken control of the war-torn island. The Paradis military have disappeared, including Nile Dawk and Dot Pixis, the commanders of the Military Police and the Garrison respectively. Keith Shadis, chief instructor of the military, has no plans to rebel, which means no one else who can stop Floch’s plans to seize power. In this way, Levi could be the only hope left and the remnants of the Paradis army could join in fighting the Jaegerists..


But here is another important issue. Armin Arlert noted that there is absolutely nothing they can do about Eren and the Rumbling right now. Even if there was, chances are Levi’s fighting days are in the past. Just like when Erwin Smith lost his arm, it is almost a given that Levi will not withdraw from the front, but your leadership is now the most important contribution what can he do while everyone is struggling with the magnitude of what Eren has done. And there’s actually very little reason to believe that Levi would support using the Rumbling to wipe out all life beyond Paradis Island; although the only one could be to oppose Eren, in whom he has lost all faith after his radical change.

Since Hange peacefully approached Pieck and Magath, who had just invaded Paradis Island and massacred its soldiers, the 14th Survey Corps Commander might be looking for an alliance. If said alliance could stop Eren and find Zeke, Levi surely wouldn’t let a few missing body parts stop him from hunting down the Titan he detests so much.. After all, Levi still has unfinished business with the late Erwin Smith. Killing Zeke Jaeger probably won’t help stop Eren, but it will make Levi feel a lot better.

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