‘Shingeki no Kyojin’: how many different titans are there and what are their powers

One of the most important elements of ‘Attack on Titan’ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’) and the one that clearly cannot be dispensed with is the titans. Although at first they seem nothing more than a mass of enemies to fight against, as the anime progresses we discover that there are actually many types of titans and they are not just mindless monsters that eat humans.

There is even 11 classes of titans different with skills of all kinds. Although we are going to try to make spoilers of the entire plot of the anime, we are going to talk a little about the powers of each titan and the bearers of it, so beware if you still have to catch up with the latest seasons.

In addition to the first titans that we know of, there are the Nine special Titans that descend from Ymir Fritz’s original titan. These titans have specific looks and abilities, they are intelligent and capable of strategizing and working together… and are controlled by a human inside. The bad part for its carrier? He only has 13 years to live from the moment he inherits one of these Nine Titans, you can’t have everything in this life.

The powers of these Nine Titans have passed through different carriers for 2,000 years after the death of Ymir Fritz. The abilities of these titans and their potential are one of the key points of the main conflict that ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ presents us, since the Nine Titans have been used in devastating ways in different wars and invasions.

pure titans

Pure Titans

The pure titans they are the first that we know and until the beginning of the series practically the only ones that exist for the inhabitants of the walls. They are creatures between two and fifteen meters without apparently much intelligence. His only motivation seems to be to attack and eat humans, and they can only be killed with a deep cut to the back of the neck.

Part of the work of Exploration Corps it also consists of studying these beings to determine their origin and how they can be eliminated more effectively. bean and sawney they are two pure titans that Hange Zoë manages to capture to find out more about these creatures.

freak titans

freak titans

This is a variation of the pure titans that possesses some kind of unusual behavior that goes out of the norm, or that even proves to be more intelligent than one might expect.

Some Freak Titans can ignore nearby targets to attack in an area where they can deal more damage, while others also run or jump faster than normal. Some abnormal titans can even string together thoughts and speak in the human language, as seen in the OVA ‘The Isle’s Diary’.

Attack Titan

Attack Titan

One of the Nine Titans, and the one who owns Eren jaeger during the series and that begins to turn the tables for the humans of the walls. The Attack Titan It is about 15 meters tall and is characterized by its musculature and jaw.

In addition to having great strength and speed To measure himself against other titans, the Attack Titan can access the memories of former wielders and those yet to come.

Armored Titan

Armored Titan

One of the titans that pierce the wall at the beginning of the series. The Armored Titan by Reiner Braun It is also about 15 meters tall and has** plates of very hard material that cover all of its body** and protect it like armor against cannon fire, swords and pistols.

Its only weakness seems to be the union of these plates, although it is also unable to withstand artillery fire. The Armored Titan also has great healing power, but seems to rely on the wearer’s will to live.

colossal titan

Colossal Titan

This titan is known for its enormous size that makes it taller than the walls, and for physical strength, since it is capable of bursting the door of the Maria wall with a kick. Bertolt Hoover he is able to control his transformation into a Colossal Titan fairly well, resulting in a partial transformation to just his Titan’s torso. Besides, The Colossal Titan also gives off very hot steam that burns everyone around it.

The total transformation into a titan is also accompanied by a big explosion, so armin arlet He is very hesitant to use his powers when he inherits the Colossal Titan, only transforming on occasion.

Female Titan

Female Titan

This titan is one of the main antagonists during the first season and presents abilities that the Survey Corps had not seen before. In addition to great strength and speed, he can harden his skin with an ice-like material.thus becoming practically impenetrable.

The Female Titan can also influence pure titans up to a hundred point with a special shout, like when annie leonhart she uses this power to create a diversion and escape from her titan form while the pure titans attack her and try to devour her body.

Beast Titan

Beast Titan

This is another of the large titans, plus it has the strangest appearance due to its animal characteristics. He can throw objects with great force and accuracy and cause huge damageas seen in the battle of Shiganshina District at the end of the third season.

Zeke Jaeger can also transform humans into pure titans by supplying them with fluid from his spinal cord and triggering metamorphosis with a scream.. Zeke in particular can also control these titans thanks to his royal blood.

Jaws Titan

Titan Jaws

It comes a bit given by the name, but Jaws Titan’s most noticeable feature is indeed… its jaws. Although it is a smaller size titan, He has great agility and is very fast., making it very easy for him to catch his opponents off guard. His jaws are a very powerful weapon that can break through virtually any material.

It is the titan that has gone through more carriers throughout the series. The first time we meet the Jaws Titan, the bearer of it is Ymir, who had taken it from Marcel Galliard when Marley’s warriors were infiltrating Paradís. The next heirs are Porco Galliard and Falco Griceand each incarnation of the Jaws Titan has a very different design, although its small size and huge jaws are always maintained.

Titan Freighter

Titan Caguero

Pieck Finge’s Freighter Titanr is very peculiar, as the bearer spends more time in her titan form than in her human form and becomes more used to moving on all fours. He is a very tough titan who also wears accessories such as armor, soldier-maneuvered artillery, or cargo crates.

He has little stamina in combat but to compensate he is very fast and being smaller than other of the Nine Titans he is also usually more discreet.

Warhammer Titan

Titan Warhammer

The last of the great titans to appear on the scene, since he had not left Marley. The Warhammer Titan can produce structures that spring from its body, creating all manner of weapons from its own flesh. In addition, it can also be hardened with abilities similar to those of the Armored Titan.

The most curious thing about this titan is that the user can separate the control center from the neck and control the Warhammer Titan from a distance with a kind of “cable” of meat to better protect themselves. Until the attack on Liberio, Lara Tybur she had been the last bearer, although Eren Jaeger devours her and takes over her titan’s powers.

Founding Titan

Titan Founder

The Founding Titan (also know as Coordinate), is almost the one that has brought the most queue during the series. He possesses several very important abilities, such as the creation and control of titans, alternation of memories and telepathic communication.

One hundred years before the start of the series, the king Karl Fritz uses the power of its Founding Titan to erase the memories of the wall dwellers so that they forget the rest of the world beyond the walls. This power can only be used on Ymir’s minions, and there are certain families like the Ackerman that are immune to its effects.

Frieda Reiss

It can only be used by those of Eldia’s royal lineage, although its powers can also be activated by contact with a member of the royal family.. Eren manages to use the power of the Founding Titan by touching the titan that killed her mother, not knowing that she was Dina Jaeger and that she has royal blood. He also manages to activate the Rumble by coming into contact with his half-brother Zeke, who is also heir to this bloodline.

It is the titan that we know of the most carriers, since before going from Grisha Jaeger to Eren it had been in the possession of Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, his father, King Karl Fritz and Ymir Fritz.