Shingeki no Kyojin: Its director explains the strange cameo of the last episode

It has been a special request from Hajime Isayama and the result is quite interesting.

Recently, the director of the fourth and final season of Shingeki no Kyojin has explained the two main cameos of the anime that have gone viral among the fan community. The second part of the final season is getting interesting as it approaches its final episode, and this is no surprise, as the episodes leading up to the final climax are usually filled with endless revelations. remarkable. Eren Jaeger is an example of this, as he has undergone a radical change from the type of character we had seen in the first three seasons, and it all started with a mysterious flashback that was precipitated through a series of strange images and references. to the future.

With the second part of the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin about to end, director Yuichiro Hayashi and CGI producer Yusuke Tannawa had a long conversation that went into depth about many of the small details that have shaped the second part of the series. Speaking of the surprise flashback cameos for “Goth Mikasa”, “Nerd Armin”, and the well-known sauna shot, Hayashi explained that these wild cameos from the Attack on School castes were included thanks to a special request from the creator of the original series, Hajime Isayama.

As Yuichiro Hayashi explained to various media, Attack on School Castes was originally included in the manga as a tiny easter egg aimed at the most interested fans, and, for its part, Isayama had a special request to include him in the anime version of the flashback.:

“School Caste was drawn small in the original manga, and [el creador de la serie Hajime Isayama] he asked us to include it in the script. So we decided to include it in the script.”

But after continuing the discussion about how they included this cameo, Hayashi wondered if there was another surprise to bring up, and thus finally came to talk about that sauna shot that appears on one of the covers of the manga. Regarding it, he commented the following: “But then I wondered if we could also include something else. That’s when I came up with the idea of ​​the sauna plan. Simply because I wanted some kind of wow factor that was not in the original manga. I’m very happy that it turned out well.”

Lastly, addressing some of the other changes made to that same flashback sequence, Yuichiro Hayashi revealed that they were made with the goal of making her more visually appealing in the anime.:

“That scene in the original manga is very eye-catching, which looks like glass breaking into pieces. But I thought that kind of glass-breaking expression wouldn’t be that interesting in animation. I thought about what I should do for a long time. Then , I decided to make a more fluid image. As if all kinds of memories were chaotically mixed together and rushed past.”

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