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This weekend the second episode of the Season 4 of shingeki no kyojin. Like the previous one, it brought a series of interesting revelations about life in Marleyand what happened four years after the end of the previous installment.

In the course of this, something that many already expected was confirmed, and it is the fate of Ymirthe dearest friend of History. But talking about such a matter certainly falls into the realm of…


Since last season there were indications about what happened to Ymir. For a time she was hidden in the paradise island as one more recruit Survey Corps.

But in reality, its history began a long time ago, precisely in Marley. She was the object of adoration of a cult by her name, which was reminiscent of that of the Founding Titan. But she was imprisoned with her followers and condemned to become a Titan no reasoning.

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Until a day marked by fate devoured Marcelpartner of reinier, and that was how he regained consciousness. All because the young man had the power of Titan Jaw that she inherited.

Ymir decided to live by herself behind the walls, and that’s how she met History, eren, and the others. His life would have passed without change and hiding his powers in shingeki no kyojin. But the happy moments that she lived did not last long.

Shingeki no Kyojin and the fate of Ymir in the series

Ymir and his end in the story of Shingeki no Kyojin

The subsequent appearance of reinier Y bertolt in their infiltration mission, and the facts of the Season 2 motivated her to return to Marley. Supposedly, she wanted to return what she had ‘taken’ by devouring Marcel.

It was the gift of Titan Jaw. For many it was implied that she was eaten by someone else to inherit it. This was not seen graphically in the series. But this weekend’s episode left it implicit again.

That was before the appearance of the new Titan Jaw, Porco Galliardwho is the brother of Marcel. In order for him to acquire said ability he had to devour her.

It is the destiny of each one of the nine titans main of shingeki no kyojin. In a way it was very sad that this happened, especially because of how much she loved History. The latter also held her in very high esteem. But that’s the way things are the work of hajime isayama.