Shingeki no Kyojin: Riverdale Actor Cole Sprouse Shows Interesting Eren Jaeger Cosplay | Spaghetti Code

We all know the popularity of the anime series Shingeki no KyojinHowever, it seems like it has been a good year for the franchise, as the first part of the final season left us wanting more, as well as the arrival of one of the most epic battles, while others are eager for the second and final part of the series to find out what will happen to Eren.

There is a lot of enthusiasm to know what will happen in this second half and for this reason, one of the young stars of Hollywood, showed his excitement for the arrival of this season in January 2022. It is about Cole Sprouse, one of the actors of the series Riverdale who surprised his fans with an incredible version of Eren Jaeger, after unleashing the power of the Titans.

The young actor, who is also known for the series Twins Zack and Cody, has expressed his love for anime in the past, however, with this cosplay he has exceeded another level and took advantage of the Halloween season to make it.

Source: Instagram @colesprouse

As we can see, Sprouse played one Eren Jaeger seen in the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin, that is, with long hair held in a ponytail, with a dark sweatshirt and a light shirt, at the same time that they look the scars under his eyes, which appear right after he became the Attack Titan.

Although it is only a matter of makeup, it also represents the scene from the first final season of the anime, since if we remember, They were He threatens to turn into a Titan, however, he needs a little blood on the palm of his hand, but the outfit is just right.

Source: Instagram @colesprouse

Cole Sprouse made it clear that he could play Eren, just in case Hollywood intends to do a live-action production about Shingeki no Kyojin, hopefully not, but the cosplay of this character fit him like a glove. What do you think of the Cole Sprouse cosplay?


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