Shingeki no Kyojin: Shirtless Eren Scene Immortalized With New Collectible Figure

The second part of season 2 of Shingeki no Kyojin is just over six months away from being released and many anime fans still have not finished digesting what happened in the last chapters that were broadcast. Eren Jaeger took a path that both the characters in Hajime Isayama’s play, and the fans, hesitate to follow.

The protagonist is leading a separate group to a rebellion against the authorities of the island of Paradis, with the aim of freeing all the Eldians thanks to a plan that he launched together with his brother, Zeke Jaeger and his allies, the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. But Eren also leads his own people, known as the Jaeger Faction or the Jaegerists.

In fact, the meeting between the youngest of the Jaegers and his followers, led by Floch Forster, was one of the most iconic moments of the first part of the final season. In the middle of a stunning sunset, Eren appears in front of his Jaegerists to give them instructions. In return, Floch gives him a cape that the ancient hero puts on his bare torso, where by the way, he shows off a spectacular body and a very marked abdomen.

This scene, since it appeared in the manga, was highly anticipated in the anime and although many fans did not like it, others continue to adore it and it will finally be immortalized thanks to a new collectible figure announced by Good Smile.

The figure measures approximately 8 inches and will be priced at $ 35. The presale is now available and you have until September 16 to reserve it. Through Good Smile’s international store you can make international purchases.

For now, this figure is not available in Amazon Mexico, but there are two others that present Eren from the first seasons and that surely all fans of the series would love.

The first one shows us the protagonist with the Exploration Corps suit and his blades ready to assassinate Titans. This figure is from Aoemone, measures 17 centimeters and is priced at 544 Mexican pesos.

Via Amazon Mexico

You can also get this figure of Eren “chibi” version of the brand SSTH188. There are three versions, in the first the character appears about to bite his hand to become a titan, in the second he is alone standing with the suit of the Exploration Corps and the blades ready for battle and in the third we see him tied in middle of the trial he had in the early chapters, after it was revealed that he could turn into a titan and just before Captain Levi Ackerman arrived to kick him mercilessly.

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Via Amazon Mexico

In more on Shingeki no Kyojin, part 2 of the final season already has a release window.

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